Dan Radlauer



Dan Radlauer is a composer living and working in Los Angeles, California. His compositions have been heard on every Major US TV Network and in theaters and media outlets throughout the world.

Dan is known for his ability to authentically write in genres from orchestral scores, to head banging rock, EDM, Jazz and many “world music” styles. As a “Rhythm Section Specialist” his abilities on Keyboard, electric bass and various stringed instruments blend with his studio production chops give his work a rare depth and breadth.

Dan is also active in music education. He is constantly teaching, mentoring and lecturing at various educational institutions which keeps him interacting with the next generation of musicians, composers and producers.

“As a composer whose main instruments are in the rhythm section, I’ve long relied on the great wind, brass and string players I use in the studio to actualize the music I hear in my head. With the SWAM instruments, along with the use of breath controllers, I’m able to finally have some of that same amazing expression that was previously only achievable with those great players on great instruments. This has opened creative avenues that have changed my musical life.”