Dino Soldo

Dino Soldo

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter

Have you ever wondered what an “Utility” musician and songwriter is? The answer is: Dino Soldo.

The Los Angeles-native talent, well-known as a musician and performer, has already been all over the globe several times playing and touring with some of the most globally renowned A-listers in the music business: from Elton John to Leonard Cohen, from Beyonce to Ray Charles, from Rob Thomas to Cindy Lauper, to Lionel Richie – just to mention a few!

With his outstanding musical background, Soldo is also a solo artist, a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter especially appreciated for his seductive, tantalizing jazz vibes. Artistically born as a woodwind and chromatic harmonica player, he is now very famous for his excellent skills with the Eigenharp, enhanced by a wide influence in terms of genres the shifts from jazz to blues, to more unexpected territories: one of Dino’s main inspirators is… Buster Keaton!

Dino’s incredible versatility and flexibility in terms of instruments and genres is one of his strongest qualities, something that makes him very much capable of adapting himself to different musical environments.

In his own words: “I find that I am of service to the performer when I am most in service to the song and that means being flexible to different instrumentation”.

Currently, Soldo has been working on a peculiar and extremely interesting jazz project called “Tárogató”, and featuring folk instruments in an atypical atmosphere.

Such an innovative artist couldn’t not appreciate the versatility that is emblematic of all Audio Modeling solutions. Thank you, Dino! We’re so happy to have you on board! Keep jazzing!

“I’ve been using the SWAM engine from Audio Modeling with my EWI for quite some time, as soon as they came out, I explored them, and they were great! The emulative power inside those plugins is staggering, I can tweak the virtual player to do anything: it can be out of tune, breathy, resonant. Even in the violin you can get different models of instruments, it’s wonderful!
Very often I work late at night and I don’t want to wake up the kids, so I just use the SWAM engine and I stuck up an arrangement with just that. In the following morning when I start stacking it up with real instruments, I leave the SWAM engine in: it’s like having multiple players in the room, to bounce your ideas off. I love it!”


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