Dushan Jayathilake


Keyboardist, songwriter, composer and music arranger

Dushan, a native from the island of Sri Lanka, is an innovative live and studio keyboardist, songwriter, composer and music arranger. A career that spans over 25 years, he has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the Sri Lankan music industry. Dushan currently performs with one of the island’s oldest and most popular bands, The Gypsies.

By touring a variety of countries, Dushan has been able to develop his knowledge of the world’s music, their very own stylings, and melodic tones, which has in turn influenced him in the development process of his own music.


“The Swam Engine Audio Modeling has completed me as a keyboardist, a composer and a music arranger.
I have always dreamt of playing with natural sounds, like the trumpet, the trombone, the flute, the clarinet and violin, and I can now achieve this with ease with the Roli Seaboard Rise and Swam Engine’s all in bundle, and I think it’s the best I have worked with so far.
Another great thing  about Swam Engine is that you feel like a  multi-instrumentalist without having to individually learn and perfect.
Every instrument.”


“As a live keyboardist, I have found that working with Camelot is easy and very helpful.
It enables me to control multiple keyboards in just one touch during my live performances. Camelot grants you full access to Plug In software instruments, hardware and synths and midi controllers at the same time and I love the fact that you can create a combination of patches on the Seaboard Rise through the Camelot software.”