Łukasz Knapik


concert artist and teacher

Lukasz Knapik graduated in Jazz and Popular Music Saxophone, at the Music Academy in Katowice (Poland). Actually, He is a concert artist and saxophone Teacher in several music schools. He also developed an interest and passion for Electronic Wind Instruments and runs a website “THE ART OF WIND SYNTH sharing information, patches, and recordings about “wind synthesizers”.

If were in a desert Island and I could choose only one Acoustic Virtual Software Instrument, it would be probably SWAM by Audio Modeling. SWAM can recreate the magic moment of creativity that I’ve previously experienced only with acoustic instruments. The possibilities of adjusting the sound according to your own playing style are enormous. At the same time, the application workflow is very intuitive. I use the SWAM instruments a lot in the context of chords, it really sounds very good. Long story short, I think that SWAM Instruments are worth every cent!


SWAM for iPhone is out now