Omri Abramov

Omri Abramov

Saxophone & EWI player, producer, and composer

Omri Abramov is an Israeli Saxophone & EWI player, producer, and composer. He has appeared on stage and recordings with Idan Raichel, Odean Pope, Noa, Pete Lockett, Roland Guerin, Shai Maestro, Per Mathisen, Project RnL, and more.

Abramov is the saxophone player and musical producer of the Iranian – Israeli group Sistanagila, and the co-leader of the jazz-fusion band ‘Niogi’. His new NYC trio, ‘Hovercraft’, are to release their first EP in February 2021.

Aside from his works as a band leader and sideman, Omri is also a session musician and demonstrating artist for pioneering companies in the field of Saxophone and Electronic Wind instruments, such as Audio Modeling, Cloudvocal, Aodyo, Reedgeek, Oleg Products, and imoxPlus.

Currently based in Berlin, Omri is frequently touring Europe, as well as the USA and Israel with various Jazz, Ethnic and Electronic-Music acts.

“Audio Modeling SWAM engine is a beast, the response and control over the various breath parameters is unmatchable. Whether it’s resonance, reed behavior, various mute types, and even tongue activity, I can dive into it for hours crafting the exact sound and response I’m looking for.
I also love blending it together with synth sounds, and thanks to the power of the warm sound of the SWAM engine it truly gives an “analog boost” – this is truly outstanding! I have been using SWAM instruments on various theatre and movie productions, on-stage jazz performances, and recordings combining them with other synth sounds on my EWI.
A fascinating, eternal journey – I am truly hooked!”

SWAM for iPhone is out now