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(Confession…I don’t have the “stellar track record” that other artists have. So my story is a little different than the “I discovered Audio Modeling products and put them to work” kind.)

I love the tagline “Stop Listening Start Playing” and it has impressed me.
Although I’m a reticent creator, I’ve been obsessed with the potential that SWAM holds and have been working for several years to share the joy of performance control. I’ve contributed articles, received orders for data humanization, and so on… and here I am. It’s a great honor.

SWAM adapts to each player’s style, and that’s the best appeal.
They exist in virtual reality and manifest into reality when you choose how to express yourself.
Keys, breaths, pedals, motions… you can design and customize the way you like to play.

“I believe SWAM is a next-generation instrument that goes beyond the boundaries of virtual instruments.
Every time you play, you discover something new. This will make you feel your own growth.
Let’s enjoy expressing ourselves!”


SWAM for iPhone is out now