Recanati – Italy

Founded in 1956 by Lino Ragni, the FATAR brand is synonymous with high quality keyboards for digital pianos, synthesizers, and classical organs.

FATAR has been progressively winning prestige by putting great care and specific expertise into the design, engineering, and construction of keyboards with high technological and quality standards.

FATAR shares Audio Modeling’s vision to bridge the gap between software instruments and hardware, and have actively joined the Camelot project both on development and to help build a stronger network among music industry manufacturers.




Mountain View – California

Audio Modeling, MoForte and Wisdom Music have teamed up to bring the GeoShred playing experience to the next level! With the release of GeoShred 5 we offer physically modeled instruments, called GeoSWAM instruments all powered by Audio Modeling’s SWAM technology. These instruments are available as In-App-Purchases (IAPs). The GeoSWAM instruments are perfect to play from GeoShred’s touch surface, and from other expressive MPE controllers like the LinnStrument or the Roli Seaboard.




London – United Kingdom

ROLI is a technology company known for the Seaboard, BLOCKS, and other high-tech musical instruments. The Company develops both hardware and software. In addition to its musical instruments and devices, ROLI also created the NOISE app and the Equator software synthesizer. ROLI also owns the C++ audio coding framework JUCE, the virtual instruments maker FXpansion, and the social music-sharing platform Blend.

Every day, Audio Modeling and ROLI offer more and more expressive instruments to the international community of musicians. We recently worked together to integrate the SWAM Engine into the ROLI Apps, with particular attention on the optimization of SWAM instruments for the Seaboard and BLOCKS multi-dimensional expressive controls.


Project lead vu meter logo


Lecco – Italy

Project Lead has been a leader in the field of audio informatics for 30 years. Their workstations are not simply assembled PCs, but real musical instruments, the result of the work of a team of musicians and engineers in the sector who design them meticulously, with heavy investment in component research.