Camelot 2.1 – Public Beta

Camelot Public Beta

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Help us to test Camelot! Fill this form to become a Beta Tester.

After submitting the form you will receive an email with the instructions. NOTE : The email can take up to 10 minutes to be received.

Be sure to have checked the marketing permissions otherwise we cannot send you the email.

Use a valid email address to receive the download link now and the next updates.If you don’t receive the email after 10 minutes from the submission and your map folder is empty, contact us at support@audiomodeling.com

About the Beta Program

This beta is the candidate version that introduces audio input management in Camelot.
This step is very important because also completes the audio routing options, with audio layer connectors capable to create endless combinations, FX buses and use hardware instruments audio integrated on the Camelot Scenes, processing guitars, vocals, … We have also improved current features listening your feedbacks with new MIDI transformers and the possibility to send MIDI programs to the virtual instruments and plugins.


It is recommended to update from Camelot v2.0.5. If you are testing Camelot v2.1.0 Beta1, please:

  • delete the App on iPad
  • delete ~/Library/Camelot folder on macOS
  • delete %AppData%\Camelot folder on Windows

before installing Camelot v2.1.0 Beta2.
Also, don’t restore any backup made with Camelot v2.1.0 Beta1. You can safely restore a backup made with Camelot v2.0.5.
Note: after the installation of Camelot v2.1.0 Beta2, at startup it will be required to build an audio configuration and assign audio Input / Output channels.

1) Audio Settings: added multi selection to enable audio input channels for Layers and Items
2) Layer Audio Input (Stereo/Mono)
3) MIDI Device Audio Input (Stereo/Mono)


1) Audio Settings: added multi selection to enable audio output channels for Layers and Backing Tracks
2) Audio Settings: Main Audio Output selection has been moved to output channels […] contextual menu (SETTINGS / Audio / Audio Output / Enabled Output Channels)
3) Layer multi output selection (Stereo/Mono)
4) Backing Track multi output selection (Stereo/Mono)
5) Mixer: multi output level management
6) Mixer: Main Audio Out assignment shortcut


1) Audio Layer Connector: Audio Send Item
2) Sidechain: an audio input can be selected on Software Instrument and Effect Items
3) Added “MIDI Program” Items as Pre-Processors. It’s possible to send MIDI messages to Software Instruments at Scene switch (e.g. Program Change)


1) MIDI Message Transformer (Layer/Item)
2) Note To Chord (Layer/Item)
3) MIDI Remapping Table (Layer/Item)
4) MIDI Musical Scale (Layer/Item)
5) Presets for MIDI Transformers
6) Dedicated MIDI Transformers per MIDI Input device (e.g. Velocity Curve remapping)


1) Audio files direct streaming (no preload with Song)


1) Possibility to Import/Export Remote Controller settings
2) Added “Show only assigned” search option filter


1) New navigation (Pre-Processors/Instruments & Devices/Post-Processors)
2) Global Search
3) Brand grouping on Software Instruments list


– no audio Pan for Audio Send Layer Connectors
– (iOS) Audio Input doesn’t work if mic is disabled in Camelot iPad settings
– Attachment issue: annotation board for song does work only in the first scene
– 64 or more output channels plugin could cause problems with Multi-core option enabled
– (iOS) virtual typing keyboard doesn’t show up anymore if it gets hidden with the keyboard icon.
– (iOS) MIDI Guitar 2: it is not possible to use this plugin as Pre-processor
– (Desktop) Roland Cloud VST3 plugins crash
– (iOS 15) Magellan 2 and Yonac crash playing the own GUI keyboard
– Waves bundle efx might cause crash during plugin scanning
– (iOS) Disconnecting an active audio card might cause Camelot crash
– Metronome cannot use named audio outputs, only direct access to the audio device outputs is provided
– Advanced MIDI Item: crash during editing