SWAM Solo Woodwinds for iPad – Public Beta

SWAM Solo Woodwinds for iPad Public Beta

Application Form

Help us to test SWAM Solo Woodwinds for iPad! Fill this form to become a Beta Tester.

After submitting the form you will receive the link to join the public beta on TestFlight (please wait at least 10 minutes and check the SPAM folder before contacting our support desk).

NOTE: use a valid email address and be sure to check “Marketing Permission” to receive the download link now and the next updates. The email will be used to track the most active testers eligible for special discounts on desktop products and benefits from Audio Modeling and our Business Partners.

About the Beta Program

This beta is the candidate for the first public appearance of a SWAM Solo Woodwinds on an iPad. Audio Modeling instruments, based on SWAM technology have been successful for more than 10 years on desktop systems for macOS and Windows in AU and VST formats. Now the technology has been evolved to create a full cross-platform ecosystem and development framework that will bring all the SWAM instruments available on iOS. We have started this journey with SWAM Solo Brass and SWAM Solo Strings for iPad and now we are adding the Solo Woodwinds collection.  We plan to reach also the iPhone device!

On this Beta you will find

  • The same sound engine that is running on the flagship instruments for desktop
  • Some advanced parameters are locked and we are evaluating to introduce  future IAP (in-app purchase) options to unlock all of them and reach the same level of customization as the desktop version
  • A dedicated control surface that allows playing the instruments from the  Pad screen. This control surface has been designed to be used as a standalone or to extend the expressive options if another external controller is connected
  • The AUv3 plugin format (in addition to Inter-App Audio) is available as well to use SWAM instruments in an AUv3 host for production or performance
  • You won’t find any Sound Presets (they are in progress) but you can edit the init sound and make your own presets. You can already use the MIDI Controller Presets for a quick MIDI Mapping.

What you should test

  • Recording and performing on an AUv3 host (GarageBand, Camelot Pro, …)
  • Performing with the standalone version with an external controller connected by USB or BTLE
  • Performing with the standalone version with the control surface or combining the control surface with an external keyboard or controller
  • Saving presets, export them to file, and reimporting them.



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Sharing any installer, executable, software component, manual, picture, audio material, information about BETA products is strictly forbidden unless explicitly authorized by Audio Modeling.

This is a BETA version:
1) products are still under development; they can be buggy;
2) compatibility with future releases is not guaranteed;
3) products are provided for testing purposes only. Use BETA products on real productions at your own risk;