Camelot 2.0 Public Beta

Camelot 2.0 Public Beta Application Form

Help us to test Camelot 2.0! Fill this form to become a Camelot 2.0 Beta Tester.

After submitting the form you will receive the link to macOS, Windows and iOS Camelot 2.0 public Beta.

Use a valid email address to receive the download link now and next updates. The email will be used to track the most active testers eligible for special discounts and benefits from Audio Modeling and our Business partners. If you are already a customer, please use the same email you have registered on the customer portal.

If you are a Camelot Pro Customer you will be able to use your license to run the 2.0 Beta on your Mac or Windows devices ; if you are an iOS user you will receive the link to join the public beta on TestFlight.

IMPORTANT: BACKUP ALL YOUR DATA in Camelot 1.1.1,  EXPORT THEM TO A FILE and keep in a safe place (hard drive, could service, not only in Camelot). Audio Modeling is not responsible of any data loss: Users must backup before start testing.

If you are not (yet) a customer but curious to test the 2.0 version, you can run the version in demo mode on macOS and Windows with the FREE version item limitations; on iOS the app will be not limited but automatically expires at the end of the Beta Program campaign.


About the Beta Program

Camelot 2.0 is the biggest challenge we could face. After one year, Camelot was already on stage with many musicians, techs and backliners, managing shows in front of thousands of people. We have been collecting feedbacks and worked hard to deliver what you need, we have interviewed musicians of different skills and designed features to address top professional needs, with a simple interface that anyone can use.

We have introduced a huge amount of features. Timeline is a new App inside the App. So, after a deep internal testing, we decided to disclose a public beta to test with a wider use case possibilities and audience. In this way we will be ready to officially release a super solid application you can trust on stage, and enjoy show after show.

What’s New on Camelot 2.0

    • Audio Backing Tracks with Audio Card Channel Selection
    • Automations (Scene Auto Select, Auto-Play, Auto-Stop and Next Song Auto-Load)
    • Markers
  • GUI & UX
    • General Improvements and Restyling
    • New Scene Edit View with Drag&Drop
    • Improved Global Menu navigation and categories
    • Song management improved with more options when moving or duplicating a Song across multiple Setlists
    • Improved Backup Management with Internal Snapshots and Backup to file
    • Added Master Audio FX Section (Compressor, EQ, Delay and Reverb)
    • Mixer Panel with Group Levels and Audio Channels assignments
    • Audio FX Plug-Ins Insert on each Layer
    • MIDI Processors Plugin-Ins on each Layer
    • Layer Connectors: special item routing MIDI to any Layer
    • Drag&Drop Items reordering on edit mode
    • Templates
    • Selectable Layer Audio Output
    • Drag&Drop Layer reordering on edit mode
    • Song & Setlist Rack Override
    • MIDI Monitor mode on each Layer
    • Dedicated Scene Level on Mixer Panel
    • Dedicated Song Level on Mixer Panel
    • Possibility to Export & Import Songs
    • Per-Song Transpose
    • Possibility to Export & Import Setlists
    • Improved managing of Setlists and Songs
    • Per-Setlist Transpose
  • EXTERNAL DEVICES (version 2.7)
    • Possibility to manage multiple Devices of same model with Smart Maps
    • Custom CC Dictionary for Factory Maps
    • Snapshots for Factory Maps
    • Advanced Settings
    • NEW Smart Maps: Kurzweil SP6, Kurzweil Artis, Line 6 Helix, Line 6 HX Effects, Line 6 HX Stomp, Line 6 POD Go, Roland RD88.
    • Introduced Layout modes: One Page / Two Pages
    • Introduced Pagination modes: Single Page / Continuous
    • Introduced Page navigation and Zoom reset
    • Improved mapping possibilities (i.e. Layers, Items, Backing Tracks Levels)
    • Up to 16 Virtual MIDI Inputs and Virtual Midi Outputs (macOS & iOS)
    • CPU Allocation and Priority for Multicore Systems
    • Backup & Restore: introduced Snapshots, improved Backups

Camelot 2.0 Public Beta Program is closed now.

Download the FREE Versionif you want to try it


Update for FREE to the 2.0 from the customer portal if you have already purchased it.