Recanati – Italy

Founded in 1956 by Lino Ragni, the FATAR brand is synonymous with high quality keyboards for digital pianos, synthesizers and classical organs.

FATAR has been progressively winning a position of prestige, by putting great care and specific expertise into designing, engineering and construction of keyboards with high technological and quality standards.

FATAR shares Audio Modeling vision about bridging the gap of hardware and software instruments, joining Camelot project actively on development and building a stronger network among music industry manufacturers.



London – United Kingdom

ROLI is a technology company known for the Seaboard, BLOCKS, and other high-tech musical instruments. The Company develops both hardware and software. In addition to its musical instruments and devices, it created the NOISE app and the Equator software synthesizer. It also owns the C++ audio coding framework JUCE, the virtual instruments maker FXpansion, and the social music-sharing platform Blend.

Audio Modeling an ROLI are bringing every day more and more expressive instruments to the community of musicians, recently we worked together integrating the SWAM Engine in the ROLI Apps, with particular attention on the optimization of SWAM instruments for Seaboard and BLOCKS multi dimensional expressive controls.



Grenoble – France

Enhancia is a growing team fueled by a common passion of music, founded in France in 2017. Enhancia is about expressing your creativity. The company designs innovative music equipment to enhance the way people can interact with instruments. Enhancia developed a connected ring which allows you to control sound effects through simple hand gestures.

It’s a joy working with Enhancia. Neova MIDI ring controller is a perfect controller for our SWAM instruments. We are actually optimizing the interaction between Neova ring and SWAM, and offering commercial cross-promotions.


Master in SONIC ARTS

Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata” – Rome – Italy

Audio Modeling is partner of the Master in SONIC ARTS coordinated by Luigi Sansò and directed by Giovanni Costantini.

The Master in SONIC ARTS aims to train experienced professionals in the creation and management of musical products in the field of art, with particular reference to the hardware and software technologies used today in the music production and composition of electronic music.

Luigi Sansò has created a special team with some of his students that supports our Quality Assurance department, performing validation tests of our software products on several devices and Operating Systems, reporting to our QA Manager.
Luigi is also a precious consultant, offering in-depth knowledge on expressive playing, sound engineering, MIDI and other technical stuff.


DiscoBrick Software

Giovanni Dal Negro and Michelangelo Agostinetto, Italy

DiscoBrick is a software developed by Giovanni Dal Negro and Michelangelo Agostinetto. The collaboration has produced a very special application, able to create choreographic effects for music and live performances. Giovanni’s knowledge in C ++ programming, Michelangelo’s creative design and their common passion for 3D, have produced this fantastic application!