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SWAM brass sound parameters
SWAM Brass tutorials: familiarizing with sound parameters 1024 576 Audio Modeling

SWAM Brass tutorials: familiarizing with sound parameters

The third video tutorial about SWAM Brass is a quick but interesting review of the sound parameters that are an integral part of the most advanced virtual modeled  instrument on the market. The focus is on all key-parameters, such as Expressivity, Breath Intensity, Attack Tongue, Flutter Tongue to Growl and Reactivity. All moldable and shapeable to create a unique and different style, to build endless possibilities of sounds.

Play modes parameters  affect the instrument behaviour and reactions:  – Pipe Model, Pipe Gesture, Half-valve Amount, Legato Priority, Timbre, Bell Resonance, Breath Noise, Dirtiness and Dynamic Sensitivity. 

SWAM Brass is the new-generation of modeled virtual instrument that makes you feel as if you’re playing a real brass.  

Try, tweak, experiment… discover and find out your own playing technique!