CAMELOT Release Notes

[December 15th, 2023]


– Plugins: The sidebar-selected preset is not consistently recalled upon restarting Camelot.

– MIDI transformers: After updating to 2.2.9, the MIDI filter status remains disabled even if it was saved as enabled.

– Montage M smart map: broken device parameters communication.

– Roland RD-88 smart map: wrong Bank Select for some programs

– Song and Setlist rack: unlink button works only after refreshing the song

– iOS: some plugins crash when opening the GUI (e.g. FabFilter Pro-Q, iFretless)

[November 15th, 2023]


– Added Yamaha Montage M Smart Map

– Added Headrush Prime and Core Smart Maps

– Added Delay parameter to Custom Maps Items

– Plugin Manager (desktop version): added “Keep on front” setting for each plugin

– “DPI Awareness” has been moved to plugin’s settings (Windows)


– Master / Slave: fixed unwanted Scene change

– Fixed Scene selection via Program Change when Setlist MSB event is disabled

– MIDI remote controllers: conflicts should be detected within the same controller only

– Fixed MIDI input controller port lost after reconnecting, when ports are identified by name

– MIDI port identification: default to port name for iOS 17.0 only (iOS 17.1 fixed port reconnection by ID)

– Fixed CC messages erroneously sent at Scene change for Items on Song and Setlist Layers

– Fixed Camelot stuck state when user is not logged (macOS / Windows)

[September 28th, 2023]


– Added “Identify MIDI devices by port ID” option to identify MIDI ports by ID (selected) or by Name (deselected – default for iPadOS 17)


– Preset renaming not allowed for Nord Stage 4 Smart Map

Important note:

This update is highly recommended for iPadOS 17 users.
Previous version of Camelot Pro on iPadOS 17 force the user replace MIDI ports every time they are reconnected to the device. This is because iPadOS 17 doesn’t cache MIDI port IDs anymore, so the ID changes once the port is reconnected to the device.
With Camelot Pro v2.2.8 the user can tell Camelot Pro to identify MIDI ports by Name, so, even if the port ID changes, the reconnection is performed using the port Name.
The drawback is that it’s not possible to discriminate between two devices with the same port name. Note that it’s not rare to have two devices with the same name, for example in case of two identical keyboard controllers used for playing a two manuals drawabar organ plugin, or in case of two identical 5din-to-USB interface (e.g. Roland UM-ONE). In this case, we recommend selecting the “Identify MIDI devices by port ID” option.

[August 02th, 2023]


– Song and Scene switching are very slow in some complex projects

– List items show unnecessary arrows (graphical glitch)

– Timeline: Label markers and Scene markers were not visible when collapsed

[July 18th, 2023]


– “Try to recover from auto-saved data” option selected by default in case Camelot starts in Recovery Mode

– Data is preserved in case user kills the app when starts in recovery mode on iPad

[July 05th, 2023]


– Recovery feature: In the event of any unexpected disruptions, Camelot now offers a recovery feature. Users can restart from an auto-save point, their last saved state, a snapshot, a setlist, or a backup to restore their work and continue seamlessly.

– Introduced labels on header buttons for better clarity.

– Added the “Save as…” option (snapshot creation) to the header save button.

– The Next and Prev scene icons change appearance when they trigger the scenes of the previous/next song.

– Added button labels in the main header to provide clearer action indication.

– Included “Save” and “Save as…” buttons in the main “…” wizard menu.

– Added the ability to export backups in the main “…” wizard menu.

– Introduced the options to load, import, and restore in the main “…” wizard menu.

– Improved communication on the Account & License page, displaying the remaining offline openings.

– Added support for a sample rate of 192.000Hz in explicit sample rates.

– Enhanced performance optimization by bypassing muted plugins (CPU processing is suspended).

– Added Nord Stage 4 smart map


– Resolved export issue when overwriting a file.

– Fixed issues with mute, note off, and sustain off for plug-ins.

– Corrected the red badge on the Settings icon when offline.

– Updated the red badge after accessing settings via shortcut.

– Disabled the Multi-Core allocation feature for desktop to fix issues with non-Silicon AU on M1.

[April 06th, 2023]


– Added Yamaha CK Smart Map
– Show blacklisted plugins


– Fixed endless song loading when some plugin crashes
– Fixed clear blacklist action text
– Fixed pop-up message after importing a setlist
– Show progress bar when importing songs and setlists
– Fixed crash at double click
– Fixed global volume jump for some songs
– Disabled automatic plugins reload while loading a song
– Defensive fix for crash at song change
– Roland FA endless preset scanning: temporarily fixed removing scan of Tones

[March 07th, 2023]


– NEW: added option to disable plugins reuse between songs
– NEW: added delay to MIDI device (single part) messages
– NEW: non-blocking display of plugin presets
– NEW: updated to JUCE7
– NEW: (iOS) Removed multithreaded audio graph
– NEW: (Desktop) Multi-Core Allocation disabled by default
– NEW: in case of missing plugins, reload button will reload the whole song
– NEW: include any missing plugin in the crashed plugins popup
– NEW: MIDI Message Transformer supports Program Changes
– NEW: allow “replace with none” in layer audio inputs
– NEW: added Yamaha Genos map (Beta)
– NEW: added Korg pa5X map (Beta)
– NEW: added Yamaha FS1r map (Beta)


– FIX: avoid virtual keyboard show up automatically when editing a Layer or Item (iOS, touchscreen)
– FIX: Fixed displayed marker position after moving it
– FIX: Fixed Missing item with JUNO-DS
– FIX: Removed option to create a custom map for MIDI Program Pre-Processors
– FIX: Fixed several cases of missing plugins (iOS)
– FIX: Avoid crash when parsing a leftover temporary device map
– FIX: Fixed ghost markers in Timeline when deleting a Scene
– FIX: Fixed metronome leaking into layer’s audio when its audio output was not assigned
– FIX: Windows: Fixed DPI awareness
– FIX: Fixed Ableton Link on iOS
– FIX: Fixed backing tracks volume update at import
– FIX: MIDI Octaver: fixed filtered CCs
– FIX: Deduplicated attachments issue
– FIX: Avoid keeping previous attachment on screen when new is not available
– FIX: Fixed markers visibility in the transport panel
– FIX: Fixed “Send MIDI to” issue when the port is selected with “replace in all items”
– FIX: Fixed a possible crash when reading a map from a non-existing file
– FIX: Fixed persistent loading view at scene change with lazy load disabled
– FIX: Fixed persistent red badge because of missed call in updating version number
– FIX: Fixed Preprocessor item mute

[October 28th, 2022]


– NEW: optimized application for faster startup
– NEW: added Yamaha MODX+ Smart Map
– NEW: updated Korg Nautilus Smart Map 1.2
– NEW: Added a spinner until Smart Maps are loaded
– NEW: NS3, Possibility to select song mode part (like Montage/MODX scene)
– NEW: improved mixer expanded view
– NEW: standardized backing tracks pan law to match the layers one (0 dB pan rule)


– FIX: Fixed loading not showed for Songs with Scene Markers
– FIX: Fixed memory leaks
– FIX: Avoid reusing a crashed plugin when switching to a new Song
– FIX: Fixed file export after cancelling
– FIX: Fixed Korg Nautilus Model ID
– FIX: Fixed progress bars not visible on iOS
– FIX: Avoid to save presets with “/” or “\” in the name
– FIX: Avoid using multiple instances of Camelot on Windows
– FIX: Fixed crash when deleting a Stop Marker
– FIX: Fixed duplicated Smart Map
– FIX: Fixed duplicated partner brand
– FIX: Fixed Custom Map not found at startup
– FIX: Fixed look and feel leak when closing Camelot while “Add new Item” menu is open
– FIX: Avoid crashing when quitting while preset refresh is running
– FIX: Fixed layers and items volume inconsistency
– FIX: Fixed inconsistency between Layers and BT Master Volume rescaling
– FIX: Fixed “Replace in all Layers” for audio inputs adding the selected input to all Layers
– FIX: Fixed command manager conflict issue (not refreshed)
– FIX: Fixed crash replacing audio output on Backing Tracks
– FIX: Added debouncer for Timeline related MIDI actions
– FIX: Faster triggering for Remote Controllers
– FIX: Fixed crash MODX expanded parts
– FIX: Fixed Roland AE-30 Smart Map
– FIX: Increased preset refresh time for Roland Fantom-0 and FA (it should avoid duplicate names)
– FIX: Fixed glitch with Song attachments
– FIX: Update link for “Forgot Password” button

[June 23th, 2022]


– New “MIDI Octaver” MIDI Transformer
– Added Roland Fantom 0 beta Map
– Added Roland JUNO X Smart Map
– Added Roland Aerophone AE-10 map
– Added Roland Aerophone AE-30 map (Beta)
– Updated Roland FA Smart Map (firmware 2.03)
– Updated Roland Fantom Smart Map (firmware 3.01)
– Montage / MODX: implemented hybrid mode
– New logic for parts update (no more auto-retrieval)
– Confirm message when selecting “Remove from all layers” on a port
– Remote Control: note event as note name, in addition to MIDI value
– Improved automatic focus selection of text field in side panel
– Improved Song “Add to” behavior
– Layer Connector/Audio Send/Midi Preset views: item name text editor grabs focus when the page is shown
– Delete Snapshot warning message
– Don’t play virtual midi keyboard component with pc keys
– Updated Ableton Link
– Add new External Device Item: after search, show “use layer connector/duplicate device” if the device is already used in the scene
– Mixer View: UI Improvements and fix


– Fixed crash when switching scenes very quickly
– Fixed crash with notes in midi inputs
– Fixed crash playing backing tracks
– (iOS) fixed crash when a plugin crashes while the item view is expanded
– Fixed crash when one alias of a backing track is unassigned
– Fixed crash when dragging an item away and then back to a layer
– Fixed crash at song change, involving plugin state saving
– Fixed crash with backing track and unassigned outputs
– Fixed crash at scene change involving bridge items
– Fixed crash when restoring a snapshot
– Fixed crashes at Scene change (including Backup and Setlist restore)
– Fixed crash when restoring a Snapshot after editing remote controllers
– Moved plugins reset from Scene to Song change (e.g. it fixes a crash when unloading IK Multimedia Hammond B3-X VST)
– Fixed possible crash after removing an Item
– Lower memory usage for attachments browser
– Fixed memory issue with attachments
– Fixed memory issue when resize
– Fixed attachments disappearing
– Fixed attachments for paths with UTF8 characters
– Fixed preset selection issue
– Update peak meters only when they’re visible, fixes crash when moving an audio send item
– Fixed BPM precision
– Fixed initial output levels in backing tracks
– Fixed key commands not updating after restoring a snapshot or a backup
– Fixed virtual-midi related crash when restoring a backup
– Fixed lost PC messages at Scene change
– Fixed “Receive MIDI channel” selection (e.g. Roland RD 2000)
– Fixed scan MIDI Input Port selection (i.e. issue of two Montage, or two MODX, or two UM-ONE, …)
– Backup: restore MIDI ports custom names
– Fixed mixer mute GUI state at opening
– External Devices: remove “Automatic Retrieval of parts information” options from “Advanced Settings”
– Fixed Layer Connector item view
– Fixed Mixer Scene slider issue
– Fixed AU effects
– Fixed MIDI Controller export
– (iOS) fixed importing files with non-ascii characters


– Backing Tracks levels for previously saved projects can be slightly lower than 0 dB, if volume sliders have never been modified
– (iOS) RME UCX: sometimes, at Camelot startup, audio outputs are not detected. To fix it, enable and immediately disable Multi Route option in Audio Settings
– Non-M1 native VSTs don’t work on Camelot. Use AU format, if available, as workaround

[March 17th, 2022]


– New installation and authorization management through our brand new “Audio Modeling Software Center” desktop application
– Introduced mandatory Audio device selection for running Camelot
– Introduced the “handle/grab” icon to reorder and songs on desktop by drag and drop
– Numa X Piano Smartmap update (new sounds + E.Pianos sound positions)
– Restore window position at startup (not for Windows tablet mode)
– Blofled Smartmap updated
– MOTIF ES Smartmap: added USR 3 bank
– Tempo Sync Feed By: introduced visual feedback if device is not connected
– Roland Fantom 3.0 Smartmap updated
– Copy&Paste: supported link/unlink items and song information (when possibile)
– Song Copy&Paste: improved Transpose information consistency
– External Devices MIDI output: added replace in all items to valid port “…” menu
– Introduced Timestamp for midi clock messages to extend the compatibility- (iOS only) reload crashed plugins once


– crash when changing preset in a multipart external device
– crash when aborting an import or a backup restore
– MIDI Pre-Processors ignore MIDI message delay
– Attachments: flickering
– External Devices multi part mode, send main parameter also on Device Channels (not only parts channel)
– MIDI Program “replace in all outputs”
– External Devices Hardware Parameters: values not saved and incomplete parameter list upon Item creation
– metronome not working on certain BPM values
– Roland D-05 map, issue for “U4” bank
– performances bar not showing up on low resolution screens or for some window sizes / ratios
– crash editing parts key range
– MIDI Filter issues
– Layer Connectors: sound interrupts at Scene change
– updated plugins being rescanned after restarting Camelot
– undo not working when removing Layer Connector/Audio Send Item
– External Devices Parts view: wrong behaviour (crashes, not expected number of parts…)
– crash adding new smart map

– (Windows only ): fixed viewport scrolling on Win 11- (iOS only): Better handling of the host time for AUv3, fixes VB3

– (iOS only): file chooser hidden on new devices
– (iOS only): problem with input devices not visible until selecting the builtin input device
– (iOS only): crash when connecting / disconnecting audio interface with plugins running
– (iOS only): rendering problems with Loopy Pro
– (iOS only): Bluetooth audio not working
– (iOS only): Key Commands not working on iOS 15 after hitting an arrow key

[Dec 24th, 2021]

– NEW: disabled buttons for adding song or setlist during playback

– FIX: problems with popup message boxes
– FIX: crash after dismissing timeline stop confirmation dialog
– FIX: timeline commands erroneously showed in the Camelot master Fader&Knobs tab.
– FIX: fixed possible issue with one shot multi part Items
– FIX: Audio / MIDI “Replace in all” menu labels
– FIX: MIDI Channel Matrix preset load: fixed GUI issues
– FIX: metronome at 100 bpm wrong time sync
– FIX: use of memory after deallocation when changing a song during the playback
– FIX: (Windows) crash when switching to another song while timeline is playing

[Dec 15th, 2021]

Audio Management

– refactored Audio Outputs and Inputs selection; introduced channel names management

– Reset Devices Configuration button


Audio Inputs

– Audio Settings: added multi-selection to enable audio input channels for Layers and Items

– Layer Audio Input (Stereo/Mono)

– MIDI Device Audio Input (Stereo/Mono)


Audio Outputs

– Audio Settings: added multi-selection to enable audio output channels for Layers and Backing Tracks

– Layer multi-output selection (Stereo/Mono)

– Backing Track multi-output selection (Stereo/Mono)

– Metronome multi-output selection (Stereo/Mono)


– Audio Layer Connector: Audio Send Item

– Sidechain: an audio input can be selected on Software Instrument and Effect Items (if supported)

– Added “MIDI Program” Items as Pre-Processors. It’s now possible to send MIDI messages to Software Instruments at Scene switch (e.g. Program Change)

Midi Transformers

– Message Transformer: CC, Ch. Pressure, Pitch Bend, Key Switch (Device/Layer/Item/Part)

– Note To Chord (Layer/Item/Part)

– Remapping Table (Device/Layer/Item/Part)

– Musical Scale (Layer/Item/Part)

– Humanizer (Layer/Item/Part)

– Presets for MIDI Transformers

– Dedicated MIDI Transformers per MIDI Input device (e.g. Velocity Curve remapping)


– Audio files direct streaming (no preload delay – can be disabled in Settings/Option)

– Added “Backing Tracks Fade In” option to disable/enable quick fade in at Play event

– Backing tracks VU-meters



– Mixer: multi-output level management

– Mixer view: added metronome section

– Mixer expanded view with VU-meters

– Mixer: Main Audio Out assignment shortcut

Remote Controls

– Possibility to Import/Export Remote Controller settings

– Added “Show only assigned” search option filter

– Send/Receive Play/Pause and Stop timeline events to/from Camelot remotes

– Key Commands: “Start MIDI Clock” changed to “Start/Stop MIDI Clock”

– Key Commands view: improved conflicts visualization

– Metronome enablement and level are saved globally, and mappable in Remote Controllers

Smart Maps

– Improved Smart Maps Advanced Settings GUI and management

– Added Numa X Piano maps (73, 88, 88 GT)

– Added GSI Gemini map

– Added Motif ES map (Beta)

– Montage/MODX: added parts 9-16

– Yamaha S ES: fixed the wrong byte in multi-selection message

– Fixed Roland RD88 map

– Fixed Numa Compact 2/2x sound dump analysis

– Fixed Roland RD-88 map, fixed wrong preset references

– Fixed Roland Fantom: updated map

– Fixed External device update: fixed wrong preset list when the number of preset is dynamic (i.e. Numa compact 2/2x)

General improvements

– Native support for M1/Silicon (macOS)

– New navigation (Pre-Processors/Instruments & Devices/Post-Processors)

– Global Search

– Brand grouping on Software Instruments list

– Song contextual menu options: replaced popup with side panel

– Added Duplicate Setlist option

– Camelot state migration from an older version

– Export Song: alert message if there are setlist layers in the song

– Replaced native dialog boxes with Camelot ones

– VU-meters: improved visualization, smoothness, general restyle

– SETTINGS: added icon for each option

– OpenGL rendering option, enabled by default (Desktop)

– Show a warning when adding a plugin with > 64 channels and Multi-core is enabled (see “Known Issues”)




– FIX: Sustain stuck issue at scene change

– FIX: default fader level to 0.0 dB

– FIX: Fixed slow scene change after long time usage

– Fixed crash when disconnecting audio device

– Fixed possible crash when creating an external device

– Fixed possible crash when adding Advanced MIDI preset to custom map

– Fix: avoid crash when removing a crashed plugin item

– Fix: Disable timeline playing if no audio output is available

– Fixed possible crash closing settings when attachment view is active

– Fixed tempo view issue after changing tempo settings

– Fixed scene change via Camelot Master

– Fixed import multiple backing tracks or folder crash

– Ext. Devices MIDI Settings View: fixed GUI update of custom name for Sync Data port

– Fix: Timeline view update after mute/unmute tracks from mixer

– FIX: virtual MIDI ports custom name

– FIX: (iOS) Multi-route OFF by default

– FIX: (Desktop) Enabled all buses in plugins; it fixed Dexed VST3

– FIX: End marker issue with long press

– FIX: wrong MIDI value after moving fader rapidly

– FIX: added Mixer View scrollbars

– FIX: Mixer level labels

– FIX: (iOS) mixer view in Attachment view

– Windows: fixed kiosk mode

– Windows: fixed buffer sizes related problems



– iPad: Fixed crashes with iSem, 4pockets plugins

– iPad: Fixed crashes with Yonac plugins

– macOS: fixed sample rate problem with Roland Cloud AU plugins

– desktop: fixed Dexed VST3 crash

– desktop: fixed Retrologue VST3 crash

– desktop: fixed format enablement on plugin scanner



– (iOS) Audio Input doesn’t work if mic is disabled in Camelot iPad settings

– (macOS) Audio Input doesn’t work if user denies microphone usage permission

– Attachments: annotation board for song is not available

– 64 or more output channels plugin could cause problems with Multi-core option enabled

– (iOS) virtual typing keyboard doesn’t show up anymore if it gets hidden with the keyboard

[May 8th, 2021]

– Save Button on header
– [iOS] dedicated area for status bar
– External Devices: added Smart Maps for Minilogue XD, Kurzweil Forte, Yamaha DTX-Multi 12, Roland TD-11, TD-15; added “Beta” Smart Maps for: Kemper Profiler; Korg KingKorg, Krome, Kross 2, Nautilus; Yamaha DTX-PRO, DTX700

1- [iPad] Workaround for a bug in iPadOS 14.5 where top and bottom bars disappear in Attachment View
2- [Desktop] Picking VST3 with shell plug-ins (e.g. Waves)
3- Key Commands: search filter wrong entry
4- Key Commands: locked “CTRL” on Windows
5- Key range view: fixed ext dev parts labels not updated

[March 20h, 2021]


– quick fix for Attachment view not showing header and footer areas, after iPadOS 14.4.1 update

[March 10h, 2021]

– DPI awareness on Windows : introduced a switch that enables and disables DPI awareness to adjust the correct plugin GUI visualization when rendered in Camelot


– Improved Setlist, Song, Scene selection behavior via BankSelect and ProgramChange


– Fixed Key Commands wrong actions

[February 17th, 2021]


– Added Attachment actions to key commands (Page Up, Page Down, Advance, Reverse)
– Windows: added full view kiosk mode on Windows through F11 key command (configurable via Remote Control / Key Commands)
– Settings: manual restart after changing Virtual MIDI ports options


– Improved Waldorf Blofeld map
– Improved Line 6 Pod GO map
– Improved Studiologic Numa Compact 2 map
– Improved compatibility with 3rd party plugins
– iOS: improved handling of crashed plugins
– iOS: avoid scrolling when moving knobs in mixer footer


– Workaround for a bug in iPadOS 14.4 where top and bottom bars disappear in Attachment View
– Plugin preset list: removed marked preset as selected
– Small cleanup for MIDI FX plugins
– Default multi-core OFF for new users on iOS
– Fixed restoring state for plugins in song and setlist racks
– Fixed a crash when dismissing popups with ok / cancel buttons under some circumstances
– Fixed attachments flickering when setting levels using a midi remote controller
– Fixed selection of plugins with same id (e.g. Roland SRX)
– Fixed wrong preset for just added plugins
– Fixed a possible crash when a mode for an external device is not found
– Fixed possible crash related to the multi-route option
– Fixed possible crash when disabling a midi output
– Fixed crash when unplugging external device while refreshing presets or parameters
– Fixed crash opening layer mixer view after changing the audio card
– Fixed crash switching Song with Song plugins open
– Fixed Item MIDI input channel wrong processing with Advanced Channel Routing
– Fixed Device Receive Channel for MIDI Advanced Item
– Fixed issue in layer item solo GUI when expanding and collapsing layer
– Fixed Nord Electro 5 smart map: unable to refresh when Device Channel is not 1
– Fixed Jupiter X smart map: preset refresh
– Fixed item value label not correct in unlink mode (Song and Setlist Racks)
– Fixed sound stopping after saving
– Fixed part update requests for multi-part Smart Maps (note: some devices require a manual refresh of the parts to be forced after changing preset)

[November 18th, 2020]


– Added option to enable or disable multi-route (headphones in addition to external audio device)
– Added Triton Smart Map
– Added popup for Rack Layer removal also in Layer’s Audio/Midi Settings panel (pressing “Remove”)


– key commands not working on iOS
– Windows crash when creating a Song template
– crash after pasting a Layer
– crash when deleting a Rack Layer on Windows (from either “…” menu or edit mode).
– crash after creating two Setlists under some circumstances
– wrong sync choosing START or CONTINUE when clock is running already
– wrong bpm sent to external devices when transport is set to NONE
– buttons of attachment full view are not shown when reaching the view from another Camelot View
– apply plugins’ state just once at song loading, to avoid glitches at Scene switching for some plugins
– audio problems with multi-out plugins (e.g. Kontakt, Omnisphere, KORG M1, Spitfire, and others)
– fixed plugins state after restoring a backup
– glitch when disconnecting a layer after being kept alive by notes on
– removing a disconnected MIDI input, a new “(disconnected)” element appears as selected and the other one keeps being selected
– adding an overflowing Backing Track when “Auto-adjust with tracks” is off. Happens when pressing Yes or No.
– Layers preview in scenes (SCENES view) are not updated on Undo/Redo for layer colour change, layer ordering, layer add/remove
– wrong text (i.e. text anagrams) were possible in PlusMinus components with custom values. Custom value input in value editor now always possible (see “OFF” in external device presets)
– avoid reloading whole song when exiting edit mode
– fixed Triton Rack Smart Map

Known Issues
– when importing heavy Setlists Camelot seems frozen. Just wait for the end of the import process. Do not put Camelot in background on iPad otherwise iPadOS will kill the app. This issue will be fixed in future.
– export of backups to DropBox or Google Drive does not work on iPadOS. Please use a local iPad folder, iCloud or a physical USB dongle

[October 26, 2020]

This is a major upgrade, Camelot has been drastically improved since 1.x.

– Audio Backing Tracks with dedicated Audio Output Selection and basic editing (volume, fade-in, fade-out, crop, position)
– Automations (Scene Auto Select, Auto-Play, Auto-Stop and Next Song Auto-Load)
– Markers

– Audio Effect plugins insert on each Layer
– MIDI Processors plugins on each Layer
– Layer Connectors: special item routing MIDI to any layer to manage
– New EDIT mode, with Drag&Drop Items reordering

– Templates
– Selectable Layer Audio Output
– New EDIT mode with Drag&Drop Layer reordering
– Song & Setlist Rack Override
– MIDI Monitor with channel routing highlighting on each Layer

– Dedicated Scene Level on Mixer Panel

– Dedicated Song Level on Mixer Panel
– Possibility to Export & Import Songs
– Per-Song Transpose

– Possibility to Export & Import Setlists
– Improved managing of Setlists and Songs
– Per-Setlist Transpose

– Added Master Audio FX Section (Compressor, EQ, Delay and Reverb)
– Mixer Panel with Group Levels and Audio Channels assignments

– General Improvements and Restyling
– New Scene EDIT mode
– Improved Global Menu navigation and categories
– Song management improved with more options when moving or duplicating a Song across multiple Setlists
– Improved Backup Management with Internal Snapshots and Backup to file
– Improved Search for searchable lists

EXTERNAL DEVICES (version 2.7)
– Possibility to manage multiple Devices of same model with Smart Maps
– Custom CC Dictionary for Factory Maps
– Snapshots for Factory Maps
– Advanced Settings
– NEW Smart Maps: Kurzweil SP6, Kurzweil Artis, Line 6 Helix, Line 6 HX Effects, Line 6 HX Stomp, Line 6 POD Go, Roland RD88.

– Introduced Layout modes: One Page / Two Pages
– Introduced Pagination modes: Single Page / Continuous
– Improved Zoom
– Added page number
– Timeline Play/Pause/Stop on full-screen view

– Improved mapping possibilities (i.e. Layers, Items, Backing Tracks Levels)

– Up to 16 Virtual MIDI Inputs and Virtual Midi Outputs (macOS & iOS)
– CPU Optimization (Beta) for Multicore Systems


– Updating from v1.1.1 will change all Item levels. Unfortunately, a manual fix is required.

[May 18, 2020]


  • Workaround for plugins that do not expose their parameter list (Syntronik, Synclavier Go!, Colossus Piano, Heavy Brass, iSymphonic Orchestra, CMP Grand Piano, Oriental Strings, iCathedral, HDS iSound, KASPAR) and make Camelot crash on iOS 13.4.1
  • Workaround for plugins that crash during instantiation on iOS: try reloading of the scene, then warn about crashed plugin
  • External device part parameters: it’s not possible to disable additional sliders
  • Send main parameter CC message on unmute even if slider is disabled



  • Studiologic Numacompact 2: make Camelot crash when the Item is expanded (parts view)

[April 29, 2020]


  • Tempo Sync: on iPad with headphones output jack. The headphones outs can be selected as separate outputs for the metronome when another audio card is connected and detected by iOS on the camera connection kit adapter.
  • Tempo Sync: added “Accent” on/off switch for metronome
  • Smart maps: added support for new devices (see below)
  • Software instruments: renewed plugin scan on iOS
  • MIDI: added Transport events (Start, Stop, Continue) to the MIDI filter list


  • Slow and unreliable plugin scan on iOS, especially on iOS 13.4; crash during plugin scan for some plugins
  • Multi-part MIDI Program sends erroneous Program Change for each part
  • Program change issues for devices with mode change through SysEx (potentially: Korg KRONOS, Yamaha Motif, Roland JUNO DS)
  • MIDI Clock messages generated by Camelot cannot be filtered in MIDI Programs or External Devices, even if the filter was applied
  • Key and Velocity range learn buttons are not correctly positioned in portrait view
  • Slow transition on attachment view switching


New Validated Maps:

Yamaha YC

New Beta Maps:

  • Roland Jupiter X
  • Roland Jupiter Xm
  • Sequential Mopho x4

Improvements / Fixes

  • Studiologic Numacompact 2: updated to support upcoming firmware, program and sound list refresh is now supported
  • Studiologic Numacompact 2x: updated to support upcoming firmware
  • VOX Continental: updated to support firmware 2.0
  • Yamaha Reface DX: fixed Mode Receive Channel
  • Roland RD2000: fixed Program Channel
  • Roland FA: added support for MPE Mode
  • Novation MiniNova: added support for automatic preset list refresh

[October 18, 2019]

External Devices:

  • Added support for the following devices:
    • Korg Monologue
    • Roland Fantom XR
    • Roland RD 2000
    • Roland XV-3080
    • Casio PX-S1000 (beta)
    • Casio PX-S3000 (beta)
  • Added parts MIDI channel, key-range and/or velocity-range retrieval for these multi-part devices, according to their MIDI implementation:
    • Studiologic NUMA Compact 2X
    • Roland FA, Integra-7, JD-Xi, JUNO-DS, Fantom XR, RD 2000, XV-3080
    • Yamaha MONTAGE, MODX, MX, CP4, CP40
  • Fixed “incorrect bank select value” on Novation MiniNova and UltraNova

Plug-In Instruments:

  • Show plug-in presets (for plug-ins that expose preset list)
  • Show and customize preset parameters

Remote Control:

  • Bluetooth page-turns and typing keyboard supported as Remote Controllers
  • It’s possible to assign any key combination as command for Remote Control
  • Added separate option for Remote Control (no more under MIDI)


  • Customize keyboard shortcuts
  • MIDI Learn on keyboard key range and velocity range min and max values
  • Layer pan control through left-right panner
  • Added default blank annotation board
  • Setlist drag & drop reordering feature
  • Setlist color edit option
  • Improved Advanced MIDI Channel routing view
  • New keyboard range Layer/Item/Part expanded views
  • Click /tap on Camelot logo in Camelot full version to access the “about” section.
  • Login by pressing Enter on keyboard after entering credentials.
  • Added visual information for Item knob parameter (value, unit of measure)
  • Redesign of key range views:
    • Breadcrumbs for Layer->Item->Part navigation
    • MIDI-Learn-capable key range and velocity range buttons
    • Added C<n> tips under keyboards.
  • Expanded and Mute buttons visible for the Items from Layer collapsed view
  • Improved layer options popup: changed menu order and MIDI icons added
  • Enhanced responsiveness of Layer/Item/Part views
  • Other general look and feel enhancements and layout improvements


  • FIX: in Settings -> Account & License: in Camelot free mode only the user’s email is shown, instead of user name + email like in Camelot full version.
  • FIX: when a layer is renamed in expanded view, the corresponding label name is not automatically updated in the key range panel.
  • FIX: part names not shown correctly in keyboard range panel: “Part” instead of the real part name ( e.g. “Part 2”)
  • FIX: scroll on Layer/Item/Part panels does not work when mouse is over a keyboard
  • Minor fixes


  • iPad: iSem AUv3 random clicks and distorted sound.
  • Windows: Synth1 (by Daichi) crashes in Poly Mode playing some notes. No issues with Legato and Mono Mode.

[October 7, 2019]


  • iOS AUv3 plugins: added full-screen support
  • External Devices
    • Added supported External Devices:
      • IK Multimedia UNO Drum
      • Novation Bass Station II
      • Novation MiniNova
      • Novation UltraNova
      • Roland FP-30
      • Roland RD 700 NX
      • Roland JV-1010
      • VOX Continental
      • Yamaha Reface DX
    • Added part names and volumes retrieval for these multi-part devices:
      • Yamaha MONTAGE, MODX
      • Studiologic Numa Compact 2X
      • Roland INTEGRA-7, FA, JUNO-DS, JD-Xi
      • Yamaha MX, CP4, CP40
    • Added Beta maps for the following devices. These maps are based on information recovered from official documentation, but they haven’t been tested on real devices yet. You can see “Beta” text in the device card. Feel free to report any positive or negative feedback.
      • Korg Grandstage
      • Korg MicroKorg
      • Korg MicroKorg XL
      • Roland AX-Edge
      • Roland Fantom
      • Sequential Prophet Rev2
      • Yamaha CP1
      • Yamaha Motif-Rack XS
      • Yamaha MOX
      • Yamaha P-115
      • Yamaha P-515
      • Yamaha S
      • Yamaha S ES
      • Yamaha S XS
    • External Devices hardware parameters update during item creation and when clicking on item GUI (only for devices that support request of hardware parameters)
    • Implemented Local Control through MIDI CC for Devices supporting it as Device’s Hardware Parameter
    • External Devices MPE mode improved
  • Alert pop up re-skin
  • Added visual Icon for scenes that contain an attachment
  • Setlist view, edit mode: attachment icon link to edit attachment
  • Added Options field in Global Settings view



  • FIX: plugin loses preset when changing Audio settings
  • FIX: impossible to select some Output MIDI ports when a multi-port MIDI device is connected (e.g. iConnectivity devices)
  • FIX: impossible to select virtual MIDI ports created with a kMIDIPropertyUniqueID which isn’t an integer (e.g. Ravenscroft275)
  • FIX: backup “Export To …” bug that sometimes created huge backups
  • FIX: removed the limit of characters for the text field when saving a backup
  • FIX: sorting backups issue
  • FIX: attachment edit mode graphic issue when there is no attachment in the scene
  • FIX: memory management for attachment previews
  • FIX: red badge for MIDI Program items and user maps
  • FIX: wrong dimensions of Advanced MIDI and MIDI Thru icons
  • FIX: graphic issue when selecting songs in Setlist Manager
  • Improved overall stability



  • iPad: iSem AUv3 random clicks and distorted sound.
  • Windows: Synth1 (by Daichi) crashes in Poly Mode playing some notes. No issues with Legato and Mono Mode.

[July 13, 2019]


  • Refactor of MIDI connections management based on port IDs
    • More reliable recognition of connected/disconnected devices
    • Possibility to add multiple MIDI ports with the same name
  • It’s possible to provide a custom name to a MIDI port (useful when connecting legacy MIDI device through 5din/USB interfaces)
  • Renamed virtual MIDI “Camelot OS MIDI” to “Camelot MIDI Output” (macOS, iOS)
  • Remote control can receive events from ANY MIDI Channel
  • It’s possible to unassign control mapping in MIDI Remote Controllers
  • Added compatibility for iOS 10.3 with some restrictions (attachments import, backup files import/export, .syx files import are not allowed. Do not purchase Camelot if you need such features on your 10.3 iPad)
  • Per-part MUTE
  • Layer/Item SOLO has priority over Layer/Item MUTE
  • Alphabetical order for Song Archive
  • Sort of External Device brands
  • Added supported External Devices:
    • Yamaha P-125
    • Roland SE-02


  • FIX: Restored separate output channel selection for metronome / click on Tempo Sync
  • FIX: Wrong tempo with Time Signature different from 4/4
  • FIX: Wrong tempo when interacting with the GUI under some circumstances
  • FIX: Mono-channel plugins not supported
  • FIX: Wrong Song selection after Search
  • FIX: Wrong part volume for multi-part devices supporting name retrieval
  • FIX: Advanced Channel Routing bypassed in MPE Mode
  • FIX: Windows installer does not remove entries of previous installations in Windows registry
  • FIX: Layer/Item keyboard range issue with transpose/octave shift
  • Improved general reliability (fixed some rare crashes)


  • A warning “!” badge could be shown in MIDI items by mistake. That is only a wrong visual clue that has been already fixed in 1.0.6.
  • iPad: iSem AUv3 random clicks and distorted sound
  • macOS: Steinberg VST3 plugins not supported (please use AudioUnits)

[May 2, 2019]


  • It’s now possible to select more than one folder for VST and VST3 plugin scan
  • Default custom controls for each brand device
  • MIDI Remote Control for Page Up, Page Down, Advance, Reverse
  • Added supported hardware devices:
    • Access Virus TI
    • Korg Triton Rack
    • Nord Lead 4R
    • Nord Lead A1R
    • Behringer X32
    • Behringer XAir
    • Yamaha MOXF
    • Yamaha Reface YC
  • Default backup name includes Year, Month, Day, Hours, Minutes, Seconds


  • Improved overall stability
  • Improved plugin scan
  • Fixed Roland Integra 7 StudioSet preset name retrieval issues and Device ID numbering
  • Fixed Roland FA Device ID numbering
  • Fixed Yamaha Motif XF preset names retrieval issues
  • Improved Mute and Solo behavior
  • Simplification of Multi Part MIDI Items
  • Global Settings: improved Look & Feel and UI
  • Improved reliability when connect and disconnect MIDI ports
  • Tempo Sync crash under some circumstances


  • Tempo Sync (will be fixed in the next release):
    • It’s not possible to select a separated output for metronome click
    • Wrong tempo with Time Signature different from 4/4
    • Wrong tempo when interacting with the GUI under some circumstances
  • iPad: Syntronic AUv3 detuned when sample rate different from 44100 Hz
  • iPad: iSem AUv3 random clicks and distorted sound
  • macOS: Steinberg VST3 plugins not supported (please use AudioUnits)

[March 13, 2019]

Camelot v1.0.3 comes with some new features and several fixes!

New: 17 new hardware instruments maps

Updatable preset list:
  • Nord Lead 3
  • Nord Rack 3
  • Roland Integra-7
  • Roland V-Synth GT
  • Yamaha CP 73 / CP 88
  • Yamaha Motif XF
Manually editable preset list:
  • Behringer DeepMind
  • IK Multimedia UNO Synth
  • Korg SV-1
  • Nord Electro 6
  • Nord Stage
  • Nord Stage 3
  • Moog SUB 37
  • Roland D-05
  • Studiologic Numa Compact 2
  • Studiologic Numa Compact 2X
  • Yamaha P-255
New: possibility to manually change User preset names on Hardware Instrument preset lists
New: BankSelect / ProgramChange info for each preset
New: key/velocity range for item and parts, in addition to layer
New: improved attachments UX
New: added page change arrows in attachments
New: open attachment in edit mode immediately after selecting a document
New: long-press on attachments icon open edit mode
New: apply audio settings on exit
New: Camelot as master controller – send BankSelect / ProgramChange on Scene change
New: ask to Save on closing
New: enable “Save” button only if there are new changes
New: added Ctrl+S / Cmd+S to save
New: Backup & Restore: added feature to delete everything and restart from init state
New: added Learn for MIDI Program items (BankSelect / ProgramChange)
New: open Layer MIDI Settings immediately after creating a new Layer
Fix: various crashes under several circumstances
Fix: MIDI Program/Single Part receives on “Device Receive Channel” only (before Advanced Channel Routing)
Fix: MIDI Program/Multi Part – each part receives on selected MIDI Channel only
Fix: MIDI Program/Multi Part – removed the possibility to send Program Change messages for each part
Fix: improved handling of MIDI ports
Fix: improved Tempo Sync
Fix: first Song / Scene is selected when changing Setlist
Fix: “Missing Plugins” when copy&paste a Song/Scene
Fix: “Missing Plugins” when creating a scene from a template that contains plugins
Fix: missing notes during scene switching under some circumstances
Fix: setlist not selected upon creation
Fix: create default Song if Setlist gets emptied
Fix: improved CPU performances, especially on iOS
Fix: improved AUv3 plugins stability on iOS
Fix: edit text on iOS
Fix: scroll on Windows touch devices (e.g. Surface)
Fix: edit text on Windows touch devices (e.g. Surface)
Fix: close colour picker if clicking outside
Fix: Program Change range is now from 1 to 128
Fix: fixed ON/OFF labels for Filters and Advanced Channel Routing
Fix: when deleting the last scene in song, don’t go back to the previous song, just load the newly created scene
Fix: fixed issue where sometimes when removing scene cards and undoing/redoing, you would end up with a empty list
Fix: fixed issue where the plugin loading screen would not show the correct number of plugins when there was only one scene in the song
Fix: some AUv3 plugins are detuned after changing buffer size

[December 21, 2018]

New: Added Yamaha CP-4, CP-40, NP-V60 and NP-V80 to supported external devices

New: Added hardware info & instructions when adding an external device item for the first time
New: Added “Send none” to Tempo Sync transport messages
New: Added custom operators for CC values in remote controller setup
Fix: Song view now scroll the selected scene in view correctly
Fix: some issues on MIDI ports not selected
Fix: MIDI learn does not ask for port if already setup
Fix: tempo sync not correctly saved in song and setlist
Fix: tempo sync not sent when adding an item after enabling tempo sync
Fix: tempo sync going crazy when moving GUI sliders
Fix: crash when removing an active input controller
Fix: improvements to plugin scanning
Fix: restore of remote controllers from a backup
Fix: reload of current song after restore from a backup
Fix: crash on quit under some circumstances
Fix: general stability improvements
Fix: when deleting the last scene in song, don’t go back to the previous song, just load the newly created scene
Fix: fixed issue where sometimes when removing scene cards and undoing/redoing, you would end up with a empty list
Fix: fixed issue where the plugin loading screen would not show the correct number of plugins when there was only one scene in the song
Fix: some AUv3 plugins are detuned after changing buffer size

SWAM String Sections is out now!