[August 12th, 2020]



– Improved attacks for Trombones and lower instruments

– Faster transitions for legato articulations

– Increased resolution for Pitch Bend Up/Down parameters (from 1 to 0.5)

– Expression can be controlled by Channel Pressure on MIDI channel 1 for MPE profile  



– Unpredictable behaviour for Sample Rate greater than 64 kHz

– Unpredictable behaviour for Pitch Bend Up = 0

– Ableton Live: removed undo history for Valves and Slide parameters

– Windows: update from v1.x to v1.5 can cause crash or unpredictable behaviour for some DAWs



– Window resizing for plugins: on some hosts and DAWs, it’s required to close and reopen the plugin window to apply the new size

– Ableton Live: every time a parameter mapped on any CC number is modified with an automation, the action is added to Ableton’s Undo list.  This behaviour does not happen with other DAWs

– Dynamic Envelope not working when Pipe Selection is set to Manual

[July 15th, 2020]


– General timbre and sound behavior improvement
– Better tuning, especially for lower instruments
– Additional factory presets
– Improved Symphonic preset for French Horns
– NKS presets and samples
– Handy main menu popup
– New “resize” popup window
– New header for External Controller Mapping
– Added instrument name and version info in main view
– “Reset All Controller” MIDI message is now supported
– Added virtual MIDI input port for Standalone App (macOS and iOS)
– Added “Breath Ctrl Hi-Res Threshold”
– Added Velocity to MIDI mapping entries
– MIDI remapping curve: added real-time monitor of current value
– Improved preset management
– Improved display messages: Half Valve
– Improved Breath Controller Mode: lower threshold for note-on
– Improved MPE profile compatibility
– Improved UX and graphic components
– Reduced required disk space (installer of each product is now 80 MB)
– Extended macOS compatibility: now it is from 10.9 (Mavericks) to 10.15 (Catalina)
– Improved CPU performance



– Pitch detuned when using Growl with Expression = 0
– MPE MIDI profile: pitch-bend not working after a retriggered note
– Active Output Channels cannot be selected for Standalone App
– Microtuning: erratic values
– Vibrato Fade-In values are not in milliseconds
– Velocity of retriggered notes and notes generated by Breath Controller Mode is not displayed correctly
– Hi-Resolution CC not working as expected
– Expression does not “unlock” the instrument when Expression is mapped to NRPN
– Any change to each parameter is registered by undo manager
– MIDI remapping curve knobs and presets in portrait mode not displayed correctly
– Small graphical issues, especially in portrait mode
– Selection of previous/next preset with the same preset name stuck on the first found
– Import of presets with the same name not working as expected