v3.0.0 (4082) – First official release

[March 31st, 2021]

SWAM Solo Strings v3 are available for macOS and Windows.

Audio Modeling instruments, based on SWAM technology have been successful for more than 10 years on desktop systems for macOS and windows in AU, VST and AAX format. Now the technology has been evolved to create a full cross-platform ecosystem and development framework that extends the plugin format to VST3, NKS, provides a handy Standalone App, and will bring all the SWAM instruments available also on iOS* (currently available through our Public Beta Program).

Main features:

  • Completely Physical Modeled instruments. No samples at all!
  • Modeled Bow/String interaction and Pizzicato
  • Super realistic Legatos
  • Several instrument bodies, with different characters
  • Timbral correction feature
  • Powerful MIDI Mapping feature that supports CC, Hi-Res CC, After-Touch NRPN, and remapping curves that allow more customization and sensitivity to any controller
  • Main parameters: Expression (Dynamic), Note transitions (Staccato / Legato / Portamento) with no KeySwitches, Bow Pressure, Bow Position, Play Mode (Bowed, Pizzicato, Col Legno), Mono vs Double polyphony, Vibrato Depth, Vibrato Rate, Tremolo On/Off, Tremolo Speed, Harmonics, Portamento Time, Portamento split point (across strings), Attack speed, Dynamic Transitions, Sordino On/Off, Alternate Fingering, Bow Lift, Bow Start (Up / Down), Sustain, Microtuning, Main Volume, Pan Pot, Reverb Mix.


* iOS and Desktop versions are two separated licenses and purchases