[April 11th, 2024]


– Sound improvements (reduced dispersion behavior)

– Yamaha XG arranger protocol: new device ID

– Added Yamaha YDS-120 Default MIDI Preset

– Added Jamstik Default MIDI Preset

– Added Exquis Default MIDI Preset

– Updated LinnStrument MIDI Preset to align with the new LinnStrument Firmware v2.3.3; Preset renamed to “LinnStrument MPE”


– Logic Pro for iPad: crash when read multiple automations for same parameter

[July 11th, 2023]


– Moved [“Expression received” check at startup] option to Audio Modeling Software Center app. This option is now global for all SWAM instruments (desktop version only)


– Audio Units plugin formats: plugin state doesn’t restore correctly

[June 20th, 2023]



– Font corruption generates performance and instability issues (macOS only)

– Preset export: replacing existing file potentially creates corrupted preset

– Ableton Live: plugin doesn’t receive pitch bend data if “Enable MPE Mode”is enabled

– Native FileChooser could not be closed when hosted in Cantabile or Reason Studio (Windows only)

– Cross-Platform plugin state: save from iPadOS and restore on macOS doesn’t restore state

[April 11th, 2023]



– Added search bar for preset lists

– Added latency compensation

– Rearranged MIDI Preset list

– Micro Tuning control by KeySwitches

– Apple Silicon supported natively for AAX plugins

– VST3 on Windows: VST3 plugin is organized as a bundle (NOTE: In previous SDKs, the VST3 plugin was defined as a single dll file with the .vst3 extension. This is deprecated since VST 3.6.10.)

– Note out of range warning


– Cubase: user preset not restored

– Camelot: glitch at Scene switching

– Logic Pro: parameter automation not recorded in “TOUCH” mode

– SysEx messages: plugins receive F0 twice

– Microtuning – Yamaha XG SysEx protocol: note out of range wrong behavior

– Fixed Cavit Scale Ultimate SysEx protocol

[December 20th, 2022]



– SWAM is now available on iPhone!

– SWAM SysEx Protocol for Transpose and Micro Tune

– Added “Cavit Scale Ultimate” support

– Added ARTinoise Re.corder default MIDI preset

– Added Robkoo R1 default MIDI preset

– Renamed “Control Surface Default” MIDI preset to “SWAM On-Screen Keyboard”

– Renamed “Travel Sax Default” MIDI preset to “Travel Sax 2 Default”


– Fixed crash when renaming preset on iOS 16

– Fixed reload of Current Program (in some DAWs plugin startup with default preset instead of saved one)

– Fixed expression check option at startup (only for Desktop)

[October 28th, 2022]



– Check if mapping is already used for other parameters

– NKS presets page: added KS Octave parameter

– Added escape key and return key shortcut to close / confirm


– Removed Bluetooth connection for Windows causing MIDI port issues

– Keep settings after instruments updating

– Fixed Audio Units validation crashes with old version of AU Validation Tool  v1.6.1a1 (affects older Logic Pro versions)

– MIDI Presets – Travel Sax Default: removed CC 7 from Main Volume, since CC 7 is assigned to Expression

– Improved CPU performance

– Accessibility – Screen Reader: fixed Key Switch octave label

[July 14th, 2022]



– OpenGL Render option is shared across all SWAM Apps / plugins (option is available on the Software Center)

– Added “DigiBrass Default” MIDI Mapping Preset

– Added “update preset library” button


– Fixed Bluetooth connection (only for Desktop)

– Resources loading on plugin creation (only for AUv3)

– Improved resources loading stability

– Fixed crash caused by VU meters refresh (only for Windows)

– Accessibility: improved navigation

– Improved stability when WiFi is turned off

– Fixed “MIDI Controller Mapping” label (Only for iPad 12.9”)

[March 17th, 2022]



– New installation and authorization management through our brand new “Audio Modeling Software Center” desktop application

– Sound engine improvements

– UI fine tuning to improve visibility, readability and UX consistency (Virtual Keyboard and Arrow Buttons colors, flat dynamic envelope color )

– New application launch icons

– Added a color status to the main view buttons

– Added “red alert” warning on Expression slider in main view

– Moved the position of Reset and Panic buttons from the keyboard to the “preset display area” on the top header

– Reduced size of the main view monitor sliders

[December 15th, 2021]



– Apple Silicon support (except for AAX plugin format)

– Attack Start parameter is now mappable



– Fixed CPU issue in some DAWs, with VST and VST3 plugin formats

– Fixed Ableton parameter automations

– Fixed MAQAM Root parameter

– Fixed installation path for NKS presets (only for Windows)

– Fixed macOS installer: piccolo VST3 was missing (only for macOS)

– Wind controllers: prevent stuck notes under some circumstances

– EMEO presets: pitch bend +/- 2

– Update Windows digital signature

– Fixed resource loading in NanoStudio 2 (iPad)

– Fixed some AUv3 view issues (iPad)

– Fixed exporting from GarageBand (takes a very long time and ends

up in a file with no audio) (iPad)

– Fixed preset saving for Piccolo on iPadOS (iPad)

[October 26th, 2021]


– iPad support: play as standalone, or as a plugin in AUv3 host, or with IAA host

– Supported formats on Desktop: Standalone, VST, VST3, Audio Units, AAX, NKS

– Improved sound behavior compared to Solo Woodwinds v2 for desktop

– Completely renewed User Experience (UX) compared to Solo Woodwinds v2 for desktop

– Extended range for most instruments

– Dedicated Playing & Control Surface on iPad

– Standing wave visualization

– Preset management

– Extensive MIDI mapping

– Ready to use MIDI presets for several expressive controllers

– Bluetooth MIDI support

– New sound parameters: Pipe Model (Keys/Slide), Alt. Fingering (for Saxophones), Timbral Correction, EQ, Early Reflection Amount

– Breathy ppp available for all instruments

– Microtuning and MAQAM support

– Accessibility support


Known Issues

– MAQAM Root parameter does not work properly

– AUv3 view contains some minor view issues (iPad)

– Preview for NKS presets (only for Windows)

SWAM String Sections is out now!