[July 1st, 2024]


  • Introduced the new Ambiente Room Simulator
    • The Ambiente Room Simulator is a high-level mathematical simulator designed to recreate early reflections based on the spatial arrangement of instruments, providing superior reverberation compared to previous SWAM versions.
    • This feature enables seamless intercommunication between all SWAM instruments, allowing each instrument to manage the environment by being aware of other instances and synchronizing accordingly.
    • It includes three different rooms with 18 unique combinations of size and absorption materials for instrument placement.
    • The legacy reverb mode is available for backward compatibility.
  • Enhanced Accessibility Features
    • Added keyboard shortcuts for easier navigation.
    • Improved compatibility with voice-over and screen reader tools for a more inclusive user experience.
  • Added Support for NKS VST3
  • Sound Improvements
    • Enhanced legato noise for better sound quality.
  • UI and UX Improvements
    • Improved preset management, with saving and resetting now handled through Templates. This term replaces Quick Reset and Preset for applying settings unrelated to the sound engine (e.g., MIDI mapping, Micro tuning, Room).
    • New Search View for Quicker Parameter Navigation and Big Picture of all parameters.
    • Added new service pop-ups to guide users through troubleshooting and applying the correct setup.
  • Revised and Expanded Manuals
    • Manuals have been thoroughly reviewed, improved, and expanded to provide more comprehensive guidance and support.

[April 11th, 2024]


– Sound improvements (reduced dispersion behavior)

– Yamaha XG arranger protocol: new device ID

– Added Yamaha YDS-120 Default MIDI Preset

– Added Jamstik Default MIDI Preset

– Added Exquis Default MIDI Preset

– Updated LinnStrument MIDI Preset to align with the new LinnStrument Firmware v2.3.3; Preset renamed to “LinnStrument MPE”


– Logic Pro for iPad: crash when read multiple automations for same parameter

[July 11th, 2023]


– Moved [“Expression received” check at startup] option to Audio Modeling Software Center app. This option is now global for all SWAM instruments (desktop version only)


– Audio Units plugin formats: plugin state doesn’t restore correctly

[June 20th, 2023]



– Font corruption generates performance and instability issues (macOS only)

– Preset export: replacing existing file potentially creates corrupted preset

– Ableton Live: plugin doesn’t receive pitch bend data if “Enable MPE Mode”is enabled

– Native FileChooser could not be closed when hosted in Cantabile or Reason Studio (Windows only)

– Cross-Platform plugin state: save from iPadOS and restore on macOS doesn’t restore state

[April 11th, 2023]



– Added search bar for preset lists

– Added latency compensation

– Rearranged MIDI Preset list

– Micro Tuning control by KeySwitches

– Apple Silicon supported natively for AAX plugins

– VST3 on Windows: VST3 plugin is organized as a bundle (NOTE: In previous SDKs, the VST3 plugin was defined as a single dll file with the .vst3 extension. This is deprecated since VST 3.6.10.)

– Note out of range warning


– Cubase: user preset not restored

– Camelot: glitch at Scene switching

– Logic Pro: parameter automation not recorded in “TOUCH” mode

– SysEx messages: plugins receive F0 twice

– Microtuning – Yamaha XG SysEx protocol: note out of range wrong behavior

– Fixed Cavit Scale Ultimate SysEx protocol

[December 20th, 2022]



– SWAM is now available on iPhone!

– SWAM SysEx Protocol for Transpose and Micro Tune

– Added “Cavit Scale Ultimate” support

– Added ARTinoise Re.corder default MIDI preset

– Added Robkoo R1 default MIDI preset

– Renamed “Control Surface Default” MIDI preset to “SWAM On-Screen Keyboard”

– Renamed “Travel Sax Default” MIDI preset to “Travel Sax 2 Default”


– Fixed crash when renaming preset on iOS 16

– Fixed reload of Current Program (in some DAWs plugin startup with default preset instead of saved one)

– Fixed expression check option at startup (only for Desktop)

[October 28th, 2022]



– Check if mapping is already used for other parameters

– NKS presets page: added KS Octave parameter

– Added escape key and return key shortcut to close / confirm


– Removed Bluetooth connection for Windows causing MIDI port issues

– Keep settings after instruments updating

– Fixed Audio Units validation crashes with old version of AU Validation Tool  v1.6.1a1 (affects older Logic Pro versions)

– MIDI Presets – Travel Sax Default: removed CC 7 from Main Volume, since CC 7 is assigned to Expression

– Improved CPU performance

– Accessibility – Screen Reader: fixed Key Switch octave label

[July 14th, 2022]



– OpenGL Render option is shared across all SWAM Apps / plugins (option is available on the Software Center)

– Added “DigiBrass Default” MIDI Mapping Preset

– Added “update preset library” button


– Fixed Bluetooth connection (only for Desktop)

– Resources loading on plugin creation (only for AUv3)

– Improved resources loading stability

– Fixed crash caused by VU meters refresh (only for Windows)

– Accessibility: improved navigation

– Improved stability when WiFi is turned off

– Fixed “MIDI Controller Mapping” label (Only for iPad 12.9”)

[March 17th, 2022]



– New installation and authorization management through our brand new “Audio Modeling Software Center” desktop application

– Sound engine improvements

– UI fine tuning to improve visibility, readability and UX consistency (Virtual Keyboard and Arrow Buttons colors, flat dynamic envelope color )

– New application launch icons

– Added a color status to the main view buttons

– Added “red alert” warning on Expression slider in main view

– Moved the position of Reset and Panic buttons from the keyboard to the “preset display area” on the top header

– Reduced size of the main view monitor sliders

[December 15th, 2021]



– Apple Silicon support (except for AAX plugin format)

– Attack Start parameter is now mappable



– Fixed CPU issue in some DAWs, with VST and VST3 plugin formats

– Fixed Ableton parameter automations

– Fixed MAQAM Root parameter

– Fixed installation path for NKS presets (only for Windows)

– Fixed macOS installer: piccolo VST3 was missing (only for macOS)

– Wind controllers: prevent stuck notes under some circumstances

– EMEO presets: pitch bend +/- 2

– Update Windows digital signature

– Fixed resource loading in NanoStudio 2 (iPad)

– Fixed some AUv3 view issues (iPad)

– Fixed exporting from GarageBand (takes a very long time and ends

up in a file with no audio) (iPad)

– Fixed preset saving for Piccolo on iPadOS (iPad)

[October 26th, 2021]


– iPad support: play as standalone, or as a plugin in AUv3 host, or with IAA host

– Supported formats on Desktop: Standalone, VST, VST3, Audio Units, AAX, NKS

– Improved sound behavior compared to Solo Woodwinds v2 for desktop

– Completely renewed User Experience (UX) compared to Solo Woodwinds v2 for desktop

– Extended range for most instruments

– Dedicated Playing & Control Surface on iPad

– Standing wave visualization

– Preset management

– Extensive MIDI mapping

– Ready to use MIDI presets for several expressive controllers

– Bluetooth MIDI support

– New sound parameters: Pipe Model (Keys/Slide), Alt. Fingering (for Saxophones), Timbral Correction, EQ, Early Reflection Amount

– Breathy ppp available for all instruments

– Microtuning and MAQAM support

– Accessibility support


Known Issues

– MAQAM Root parameter does not work properly

– AUv3 view contains some minor view issues (iPad)

– Preview for NKS presets (only for Windows)

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