[January 17th, 2024]


– Added third Harmonic

– Added Bow Polyphony Double/Hold and Auto

– Added Pizzicato Polyphony

– Added Polyphony Key Switches

– Added Unsynchronized Tremolo

– Improved Bartok pizzicato sound

– Overall sound improvement

– Double Bass Section: extended range down to low C0 (String Tuning parameter / Advanced / Instrument view)

– Player Accuracy has been separated into two controls available in the Advanced section: Player Accuracy Timing, Player Accuracy Pitch, each one controllable independently, also via MIDI (Advanced / Instrument view)

– Added “Staccato Interval Time” parameter: time between the last Note-off and the current Note-on to determine a “Staccato” articulation. It’s possible to choose between 31 ms and 18 ms (Advanced / Instrument view)

– Room Simulator: added reverb Modulation (Advanced / ROOM  -> Reverb Modulation – Default is “ON”)

– Room Simulator: improved behavior

– Yamaha XG arranger Microtuning protocol: multiple device IDs supported

– Added Jamstik Default MIDI Preset

– Added Key Commands (Main Menu / Settings / Accessibility)

– Improved Accessibility

– GUI: Player Accuracy knob has been replaced by a preview of the room positioning


– Cubase: current program override plugin state

– Improved resolution for parameter changes, even for larger buffers

– Faster startup

– Reduced CPU load, peaks especially

[November 9th, 2023]


– Fixed crash when interacting with any String Section plugin window in Cubase 13 for Windows

– Overall sound improvements

– Players Accuracy small improvements

[November 2nd, 2023]


– Improved player accuracy behavior: better legato, portamento, runs, trills transitions and extended range

– Increased Vibrato Depth range

– Overall sound improvement

– Plugin state saving is now faster

– Import/Export: remember last selected folder path

– Improved UI for MIDI Mapping view: “Message” field now comes first, and offers a pop-up menu when click and hold it (long-press). “Channel”, “MSB Value”, “LSB Value” are disabled if “Message” is not selected


– Fixed occasional random crashes

– Fixed preset selection from host/DAW window

– Fixed pitch bend for MPE MIDI profile and devices

– Fixed displayed velocity: note-off velocity is now ignored

– Fixed default preset recall

[October 18th, 2023]

First release

SWAM String Sections is out now!