– Small performance improvement: playhead called once per block, when Tremolo is active only

Note: v2.1.1 is a bug-fix update for macOS only

– Fix: macOS 10.16 (Big Sur) support
– Fix: installer Notarization for macOS Catalina and Big Sur

– New: extended micro tuning range to +/- 100 cents (previous presets are retro-compatible)
– New: values are now editable for micro tuning
– New: restyle for MIDI mapping page
– Improved CPU performance, especially for higher sample rates
– Fix: micro tuning status after double-click to reset
– Fix: preset name not updated after preset saving
– Fix: Pitch Bend Range for Default LinnStrument preset
– Fix: manual tremolo conflict with key switch for selecting mono polyphony

– New: microtuning can be controlled through SysEx by Yamaha PSR-A3000 and generic controller
– New: minor sound improvements
– New: enabled “Learn” for Aftertouch in MIDI mapping page
– Improved slide (CC74) for MPE devices (Seaboard, LinnStrument, …)
– Fix: Expression can be controlled on a MIDI channel different from the Note MIDI channel
– Fix: GUI not showing correctly under some circumstances
– Fix: hidden non-automatable parameters
– Fix: refactoring of all parameter names and values shown by DAWs for automation
– Fix: Vibrato Depth not working with automations
– Fix: wrong assignment for some MIDI remapping Min/Max values (from “Env Attack Speed” to “Reverb Mix”)
– Fix: CC74 mapping for non-MPE devices