JON GILUTIN 662 662 audio modeling


Jon Gilutin

“Working with the SWAM instruments has made a huge difference in my work.”

Keyboardist, songwriter, composer, and audio producer

ŁUKASZ KNAPIK 822 1024 audio modeling


Łukasz Knapik

“Long story short, I think that SWAM Instruments are worth every cent!”

Concert Artist and Teacher

DUSHAN JAYATHILAKE 683 1024 audio modeling


Dushan Jayathilake

“I think it’s the best I have worked with so far”

Keyboardist, Songwriter, Composer, Music Arranger

Gyl Assayas
Gil Assayas – GLASYS 1024 1024 audio modeling

Gil Assayas – GLASYS

Gil Assayas – GLASYS

“you can control every aspect of the sound of the acoustic instrument, which is amazing!”

Pianist, Synthesist, Producer, Vocalist

Daniel Mackey 911 924 audio modeling

Daniel Mackey

Daniel Mackey

“SWAM Instrument packages provided me with superior instrumental sounds”

Wind instrument player

Manuele Montesanti 350 200 audio modeling

Manuele Montesanti

Manuele Montesanti

“It’s a unique and incredible feeling”

Producer, Pianist/Keyboard player, Sound designer

Bruce Miller 350 350 audio modeling

Bruce Miller

Bruce Miller

“This stuff is the best and YOU are the best!”

Composer, Arranger, Conductor

Gerald Peter 350 350 audio modeling

Gerald Peter

Gerald Peter

“…so realistic, just from you playing the keyboard in realtime. That’s really cool!”

Keyboardist, Composer, Producer

Dino Soldo 1000 590 audio modeling

Dino Soldo

Dino Soldo

“The emulative power inside those plugins is staggering”

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter

ROHAN DE LIVERA 1024 685 audio modeling


Rohan De Livera

“I’ve never used anything so real or expressive”