Audio Modeling at NAMM Show 2024: A Wide-Eyed Dream

NAMM 2024 blog post

Audio Modeling at NAMM Show 2024: A Wide-Eyed Dream

Audio Modeling at NAMM Show 2024: A Wide-Eyed Dream 1024 576 Audio Modeling

The NAMM Show 2024, held from January 25th to 28th in California, was more than just an event—it was an extraordinary experience that captured the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. For the uninitiated, the NAMM Show stands as the world’s largest trade show for musical instruments and audio technology, a gathering where artists, manufacturers, and enthusiasts converge to celebrate music in all its forms.

Also this year we had the honor of being hosted at ILIO’s booth—an extraordinary partner who made the entire experience even more memorable. We extend our deep gratitude to ILIO for their generous hospitality and for being not only great collaborators but also remarkable individuals to share this incredible journey with.

Stefano Lucato, the talented creator of SWAM, introduced his creations to an audience ranging from producers and composers to sound designers, musical directors, and music enthusiasts of every level. And then, a magical and unforgettable moment unfolded: Stevie Wonder, a living legend, tried out our instruments. Witnessing the master play up close, guiding his virtuoso hands on the keys, was a moment that touched all our hearts. It’s a unique emotion that’s hard to describe—how can we convey the idea? Watching him enjoy playing the SWAM Saxophone, thus exploring a new territory of musical expression, and all this with our instruments! We still have goosebumps of excitement!

A special thanks to the extraordinary artists who accompanied us during these exceptional days. Jon Gilutin enchanted the audience with compositions created using SWAM, while Giacomo Turra and Francesco Dallago delivered incredible moments with their demonstration “Modular Grooves,” utilizing Camelot’s magic to seamlessly change amplifiers and effects on TH-U Overloud without touching the laptop.

Last but not least, we cannot forget Marco Fanton and Sebo Xotta for their incredible demonstration of seamlessly integrating TH-U Overloud with Camelot.

We are happy and still on a high; we wish we could press the rewind button to relive it all, again and again. But the music goes on, and we are ready for new sonic adventures and exciting innovations.

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