Audio Modeling’s Participation in the MIDI Innovation Awards 2024: Unveiling UniMIDI Hub

UniMIDI hub

Audio Modeling’s Participation in the MIDI Innovation Awards 2024: Unveiling UniMIDI Hub

Audio Modeling’s Participation in the MIDI Innovation Awards 2024: Unveiling UniMIDI Hub 1024 576 Audio Modeling

We are thrilled to announce that Audio Modeling is once again participating in the prestigious MIDI Innovation Awards. This year, we are proud to present our latest innovation, the UniMIDI Hub, in the category of SOFTWARE PROTOTYPES/NON-COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS. UniMIDI Hub is an inclusive MIDI controller designed to empower individuals with diverse abilities by enabling music creation through typing keyboards, MIDI controllers, game controllers, and eye-trackers. This groundbreaking tool is set to revolutionize music education, therapy, and performance, making music accessible to everyone.

Introducing UniMIDI Hub: A Groundbreaking Inclusive MIDI Controller

UniMIDI Hub is a pioneering software application designed to revolutionize MIDI control across multiple platforms, making music accessible to individuals with diverse abilities. Developed in C++ with the JUCE framework, UniMIDI Hub ensures seamless compatibility with both macOS and Windows. This innovative MIDI controller features an intuitive interface with customizable colored pads, ranging from 2 to 12 buttons per screen. These pads can be activated via various input devices, including eye-trackers, typing keyboards, micro-switches, and game controllers, providing a versatile solution for music creation.

Key Features of UniMIDI Hub

  • Customizable MIDI Interface: Users can configure each pad with specific MIDI events, channels, notes, chords, velocities, delays, colors, and keyboard shortcuts, offering a personalized music creation experience.
  • Inclusive Design for Accessibility: UniMIDI Hub supports a wide range of input devices, making it accessible for individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities. It works with eye-trackers, typing keyboards, micro-switches, and game controllers.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: This innovative MIDI controller seamlessly works on both macOS and Windows platforms, ensuring broad usability.

Innovative Approach to MIDI Control

UniMIDI Hub revolutionizes MIDI control by prioritizing inclusivity. This groundbreaking MIDI controller allows users to express their musical creativity using everyday tools like eye-trackers, micro-switches, and game controllers. By democratizing music-making, UniMIDI Hub enables individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities to participate in music education, therapy, and performance.

Most Inspiring Use Cases

One of the most inspiring uses of UniMIDI Hub is its transformation into a fully functional musical instrument. Users can perform solo or in ensembles, utilizing adaptive technology to create and control music in real-time. This fosters inclusivity in musical expression and empowers individuals with diverse abilities. To see UniMIDI Hub in action, watch this video.

Expansion Plans for UniMIDI Hub

Our expansion plans for UniMIDI Hub include integrating additional adaptive technologies like motion sensors and voice control to further enhance the software’s accessibility. We aim to develop an online community and support forum where users can share experiences and provide feedback. Additionally, we are exploring collaborations with hardware manufacturers to create dedicated controllers optimized for use with UniMIDI Hub, improving the user experience and expanding our market reach.

Commercialization Strategy for UniMIDI Hub

To bring UniMIDI Hub to a wider audience, our commercialization strategy focuses on developing partnerships with educational institutions, therapy centers, and accessibility organizations. These collaborations will refine and expand the software’s capabilities. We aim to secure funding to enhance the user interface, add more input device support, and enable plug-and-play control with most DAWs. Additionally, we will develop a robust marketing strategy. Our goal is to release UniMIDI Hub as a commercial product within the next two years, making it widely available to individuals and organizations dedicated to inclusive music-making.

Transforming MIDI Control with UniMIDI Hub

UniMIDI Hub is poised to revolutionize the world of MIDI control with its inclusive design and innovative features. By empowering individuals with diverse abilities to create and control music, we are taking a significant step towards democratizing music-making. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and expand the possibilities of inclusive music production. Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a more inclusive musical future!

To visit the MIDI Association’s site and view the page dedicated to UniMIDI Hub, click here.

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