Camelot Doesn’t Need Merlin to Perform MIDI Magic

Camelot 2.1 Supercharges MIDI Processing

Camelot Doesn’t Need Merlin to Perform MIDI Magic

Camelot Doesn’t Need Merlin to Perform MIDI Magic 1024 576 Audio Modeling

When magic was needed in the Camelot of myth and legend, everybody turned to Merlin. But this is the 21st century, when musicians speak not of Merlin, but of MIDI, and today’s Camelot, the stunning live performance manager, has the power to work MIDI magic all on its own.

Sure, Camelot lets you route and process audio from all of your instruments, hardware and software, but it also gives you a potent set of tools for shaping MIDI data from your controllers to make your instruments as responsive and expressive as they can be.

From simple filtering of MIDI messages to complex curves that reshape continuous controllers to smart scale mapping to humanizing, Camelot lets you optimize the match between how you play your controllers and the sounds your instruments produce.

Of course, it wouldn’t be magic without incantations and spells, so we have created a book of spells for you, to enable you to draw on Camelot’s amazing MIDI powers.

OK, we said “book of spells,” and it’s really an article in our Knowledge Base, but, you know, we kind of think of the KB as a book of spells, because the technology we work with often feels to us like magic, as we’re sure it does to you.

So, everybody raise your wands and read along here: Camelot Supercharges MIDI Processing

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