Gerald Peter: musician, composer, technology enthusiast

Gerald Peter: musician, composer, technology enthusiast

Gerald Peter: musician, composer, technology enthusiast 1000 812 Audio Modeling

According to Gerald Peter, what you can do with Audio Modeling’s SWAM engine is simply “amazing”. The Vienna-native composer, producer and famous keyboardist states: “It allows you to make the different instruments like strings or breath-controlled instruments sounding so realistic, just from you playing the keyboard in real time. That’s really cool!”

The young talent – he was born in 1986 – first raised public awareness in the prog rock scene in 2013, with a deliciously conceptual album titled “Jeremias – Foreshadow of Forgotten Realms” by his 8-piece band Circle of Illusion. The album was the perfect medium to show Gerald’s extraordinary ability behind the keyboards, but also his noticeable skills as composer and producer.

Many noticed Peter’s extreme versatility and knack, to the point that “Jeremias – Foreshadow of Forgotten Realms” was listen on Jordan Rudess’ (keyboardist of Dream Theater) featured artist site and ranked on the 2013 top albums lists of several specialized music magazines, such progarchives.com, musicinbelgium.net, myglobalmind.com.

Two years later, in 2015, Gerald released his debut album “Chameleon Lab Explosion” along with his 4- piece band Inspirational Corner: an explosive synergy between fusion, jazz and funk that didn’t fail to impress several German music magazines.

Peter’s achievements are many: from being on tour with the worldwide-renowned Cirque du Soleil – VOLTA to becoming a ROLI product specialist and active seaboard performer, from creating a variety of performance videoclips on YouTube to performing with the seaboard at the NAMM show in California, Musikmesse in Frankfurt, and at many other workshops and exhibitions all over Europe. More recently, in 2018, Gerald took part in the NAMM show with a live demonstration of the iOS instrument GeoShred on the iPhone in cooperation with moForte and Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess.

But what about his latest work? Peter is out with an EP titled “Incremental Changes – Part One with The Gerald Peter Project”, the first part of a trilogy aimed to explore the combination of his skills in terms of performance, audio and video production, composition. A multi-layered work of art that fully displays the wide-ranging talent of this music professional.

Of course, SWAM couldn’t be anything but one of the most appropriate means to express such a multi-layered and complex approach to music.

Take a look at the recent interview Gerald gave to Stefano Lucato, CEO at Audio Modeling!