Get Ready For Your Next Show With Camelot Pro

Get Ready For Your Next Show With Camelot Pro

Get Ready For Your Next Show With Camelot Pro 1024 576 Audio Modeling

Right time to look for new solutions to make your live performance great

As musicians and performers, we all took a severe blow during 2020. No more live shows, no more masterclasses in person, and barely any work in the studio. Many of us had to reinvent ourselves to be able to survive. Many musicians, composers, and producers took this isolation time as an opportunity to learn and experiment with new instruments and new hardware or software tools.

Now, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In some places, life is getting back to normal—events and gigs are starting again which means that soon, you’ll be able to walk up on stage once more. But while you are still waiting, why not use this last stretch to learn how to use an application that could dramatically help you improve your live performances?

More Than a VST Host, Camelot Pro Is a Musician’s Swiss Army Knife

What if you could control all your MIDI controllers, keyboards, and pedals all in one centralized application? What if this app didn’t only allow you to control all your devices on stage but also provided you with a music score reader, a MIDI patchbay router, and a setlist manager? 

Camelot Pro is the application every musician with a complex live setup dreams of. The idea behind Camelot is to make the lives of every stage musician easier and more convenient so that their time is better spent focusing on the music, rather than focusing on technical details. 

Camelot provides one central place to manage every aspect of your live performances:

    • Manage your setlists and songs. Keep all your songs organized by events and projects. Share songs and setlists with bandmates and across devices.

    • Attach audio backing tracks. With Camelot’s Timeline feature, you can set backing tracks and automate transitions between sound, MIDI, and attachment configurations simultaneously.

    • Add auto-play and auto-stop markers, and use the separate output option to send the click to your bandmate’s in-ear monitors, separated from the main backing track and the band mix.

    • Manage all your hardware instruments in one place (sounds, presets, transitions, everything).

    • Use it as a host for your software instruments and FX.

    • Integrated music score reader. Attach PDF or JPG music scores or chords and add your own sticky notes on top of them.

    • Acts as a MIDI patchbay router for advanced channel routing, MIDI layer connectors, MIDI monitor, Key-Range and Velocity splits, and MIDI FX plug-in support.

    • Switch seamlessly between sections of a song without Audio or MIDI interruptions.

    • Available on iPad, macOS, and Windows.

Camelot Pro is great for any type of instrumentalist, not only keyboard players who have multiple keyboards on stage! 

Here a few use cases for different types of musicians.

The One-Man-Band

John is a singer and guitar player. He plays his own compositions alone on stage with the support of backing tracks. 

John has Camelot Pro installed on his iPad and uses it to manage all the moving parts of his live performance.

  • All his backing tracks are loaded in Camelot and organized with automated start and stop markers. His songs are then neatly organized in a setlist.
  • His pedalboard is connected through USB to his iPad and he can use it with Camelot Pro to switch between patches and snapshots.

For a more in-depth explanation on how to accomplish this, check out this video by Nick Trapassi.

Drummer Managing Complex Tempo Changes and Sound Settings

Dave is a drummer who plays with different bands. In one of these bands, he needs to manage the show’s backing tracks, while using dedicated click tracks for each song and sending the click to another auxiliary channel so that his bandmates can hear it in their in-ear monitors.

With Camelot Pro, Dave can load all the backing tracks and all the click tracks on his laptop, organize the setlist in Camelot, automate the click track and backing track changes, and easily make last minute changes to the setlist with a simple drag & drop gesture. 

Try It Before Buying

Learning new tools can be intimidating, especially if you have less experience with using this kind of software. That’s why we think it’s important you get the chance to first try Camelot before buying it

A free version of Camelot is available on our website for download. Simply fill in the form with your details and we will send you a link to download the Camelot Free version installer! 

Camelot Free has nearly all the features of the full Camelot Pro version because we want you to experience the power of this software before committing to buying it. You can see a comparison of the features between the free and paid versions here.

That’s how sure we are that you’ll love it.

What are you waiting for? Have a go with Camelot Free by signing up here and let us know your thoughts! Join our Facebook group to exchange impressions and ideas, or to receive help and feedback from our team and our community.