Hand Me That Remote Control, Camelot

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Hand Me That Remote Control, Camelot

Hand Me That Remote Control, Camelot 1024 576 Audio Modeling

When  you want to surf the selections offered by the streaming services you subscribe to, you sure don’t want to have to stop drinking your wine to do it. So you reach for the remote control and spend the next half hour prowling through the massive collection of content.

When you’re performing on your instrument with virtual instruments and effects, you don’t want to have to stop playing to change your settings. So you program Scenes for everything you need in Camelot, the incredibly potent live performance environment. Now you can change everything at once by calling another Scene, or maybe start and stop some backing tracks.

But you don’t want to stop performing to make any of those changes, either. What to do? And now you think about streaming from the comfort of your sofa at home and it hits you: what you need is remote control!

Yeah, we already thought of that. That’s why Camelot has Remote Controls built in that let you do all kinds of stuff from your MIDI controller, or, if you prefer, from a computer keyboard. That starts with changing Scenes and starting or stopping backing tracks, but it goes WAY beyond that. Camelot’s set of Remote Controls is – how should we put this? – quite robust. For example, you can:

  • Step to the next or previous Scene
  • Step to the next or previous Song
  • Select any Scene with a MIDI Program Change message
  • Step to the next or previous Event on the timeline
  • Go to any of 15 Events on the Timeline
  • Start and stop MIDI clock
  • Tap tempo
  • Set the level of up to 16 different Layers in a Scene
  • Mute any of those 16 Layers, too.
  • Set the level and mute up to the first 16 Items in a Layer
  • And levels and mute for Song Racks
  • And the same for Setlist Racks
  • And Backing Tracks
  • And streaming services. Oh, wait, no, not that. Sorry.

You get the idea, we don’t have to list ALL of the Remote Controls here (and there are quite a few more). But we DO list them all in the faboo tutorial we wrote about Camelot Remote Controls. Do not make the mistake of underestimating just how phenomenally powerful Remote Controls are in harnessing the extraordinary power of Camelot and all of your plugins and hardware devices into an integrated system of unparalleled power, the command of which is quite literally at your fingertips.

Please, please, PLEASE go to this humble web page and learn how to use The Power of Your Pinky to control every little thing in your performance rig:

Camelot Tutorial 10: Remote Control

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