Control, Sync, and Automate Your Line 6 Helix Remotely With Camelot 2.0

Control, Sync, and Automate Your Line 6 Helix Remotely With Camelot 2.0

Control, Sync, and Automate Your Line 6 Helix Remotely With Camelot 2.0 1024 576 Audio Modeling

Every musician with some experience knows—there’s sometimes a big difference between what the audience sees and what’s really happening on stage. 

For the uninitiated, it’s hard to understand how terrifying some situations can be when you’re playing live. There are just so many things you can’t control and that can go wrong during a gig.

If you’re a musician who heavily relies on technology for your live shows, setups can become complicated quickly. Once you add in over one instrument and throw some other toys into the mix—a laptop, some effect pedals, maybe a few other machines—your live setup can quickly become a sophisticated puzzle.

We created Camelot with this problem in mind. We want to provide live musicians with an intuitive tool that makes all the movable parts of their setup manageable in one place.

  • No more forgetting to press a button to change the preset before a song.
  • No more syncing issues.
  • No more having to click on different windows to start and stop tracks.

With Camelot, musicians can automate, sync, control, and manage their whole setup inside one intuitive digital workstation.

Practical Walkthrough Using the New Camelot Pro 2.0

Nick Trapassi gives us a great beginner guide on how you can start using the improved version of Camelot Pro.

His practical walkthrough starts by covering the basics of Camelot while addressing interesting questions, such as what is a Ghost Copy of a Song and why use one

Then he switches gears.

“So far, we’ve seen a standard use of Camelot that was already possible in previous versions. I have often used it on tour to control remotely, for example, the pedalboards of guitarists. With Camelot, they could move on stage without having to think about sound switches or without having to run towards the pedalboard right before playing a solo.”

“Now, I will get to the heart of this Version 2.0…”

It’s true, we are proud of the improvements we introduced in Camelot’s latest version. 

  • the Timeline
  • the Automation
  • the possibility to insert one or more audio backing tracks with independent volumes
  • Markers
  • the new Edit Mode for Layers  
  • the Song Archive, with the possibility of moving, duplicating, or using a ghost copy for each song
  • Finally, thanks to our close collaboration with Helix and Line6 we included (and yes, we listened to your request Nick!) the mapping of all models of the Helix Line6 pedalboards.

We believe that with all these new exciting features, we’ve taken Camelot to the next level.

In the second half of the video, Nick uses his Helix pedalboard to show us how to play with some of his favorite features in Camelot 2.0, like the Timeline and Tempo & Sync. Watch the video to see him in action!


Our mission at Audio Modeling is to help musicians be at their best, whether it’s on stage or in the studio. A huge thank you to our partners at Line6 and Helix, and to Nick Trapassi for making this video and showing off his love for Camelot Pro 2.0.