NAMM, Believe in Music, Audio Modeling News!

NAMM, Believe in Music, Audio Modeling News!

NAMM, Believe in Music, Audio Modeling News! 1024 576 Audio Modeling

NAMM, Believe in Music Week is starting today so it’s the time to reveal our news!

SWAM Solo Brass – iPad version

Are you in love with SWAM Solo Brass instruments and want to play them on your iPad? Finally, that time has come!
SWAM Solo Brass iOS version will be available after NAMM, just after the final validation from the public beta program that is currently running. 

Register here if you want to test it now!

SWAM Solo Brass – version 1.6

SWAM Solo Brass for macOS and Windows Update v1.6  is almost ready to be shipped with fixes, and some User Experience and Sound improvements.

SWAM Solo Brass v1.6.0 changelog


– iOS support: Standalone App and AUv3 plugins

– Dedicated Control Surface view for touch screen devices

– Dedicated Sidebar Menu for Navigation

– General User Experience (UX) improvements and restyling

– Parameter Groups Locking: it’s possible to “freeze” a set of parameter values when selecting different presets

– Improved Preset management

– Improved “Reset” experience. New Sound Engine, MIDI Mappings and Micro Tuning – presets ready to use

– Virtual MIDI Output port for Standalone Application (macOS an iPad)

– VU-meters

– Timbral Shaping

– Added Microtuning factory presets

– Added MAQAM support for Microtuning control via MIDI

– Added MIDI Mapping factory presets, especially for Wind Controllers

– Added Root and Steps on Microtuning control surface

– Transpose and Microtuning control by SysEx

– Improved Early Reflection algorithm

– Interactive Slide/Valves and Mute Control

– “Force Hold Compatible Pipe” and “Pipe Selection” key switches

– Improved Hand Mute behavior, especially for French Horns

– Sound behavior improvements

– Extended range for some Trumpet, Trumpet C and Piccolo Trumpet

– Improved license and authorization check

– Added “Options” for handle scroll wheel for horizontal sliders and screen lock

– Improved MIDI Mapping management, especially for learning usability

– Added “bipolar” mode in MIDI remapping curve


– Windows installer: automatic uninstallation of previous installation

– Dynamic Envelope not working when Pipe Selection is set to Manual

– Erroneous fast slide on very first note

– Sustain off stops held notes


– Ableton Live: automated parameters also assigned to a MIDI CC are added to Ableton’s Undo list. This behaviour does not happen with other DAWs

– Inter-App Audio (iPad) not working

SWAM Solo Strings – version 3.0


SWAM Solo Strings version 3.0 will be available from March 2021!
SWAM Solo Strings will have a major upgrade to v3.0
Not only will this update include the new GUI and User Experience introduced with SWAM Solo Brass, but also many Sound Engine Improvements that reach the highest level of realism and control, never before heard from a physical model! 

The Upgrade for existing customers will be available in March with a 75% discount from the full price. The non-sale price of Solo Strings v3 will stay the same as Solo Strings v2.
In addition, new customers that buy any Solo Strings Instruments from January 18 to the day of the release of SWAM Solo Strings v3 will get a FREE Upgrade to the new v3 version when released.