Studiologic and Audio Modeling: A Harmonious Partnership

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Studiologic and Audio Modeling: A Harmonious Partnership

Studiologic and Audio Modeling: A Harmonious Partnership 500 300 Audio Modeling

Fatar and Studiologic has a rich history of crafting exceptional keyboard instruments and MIDI controllers. With a legacy dating back to the 1980s, they have consistently pushed the boundaries of keyboard technology. From stage pianos to MIDI controllers, Studiologic instruments are renowned for their quality, innovation, and expressive capabilities.

The Power of Collaboration: Studiologic and Audio Modeling

The collaboration between Studiologic and Audio Modeling represents a significant milestone in music technology. At the heart of this partnership are the Smart Maps, a feature that seamlessly integrates Studiologic instruments into Audio Modeling’s Camelot, a powerful live performance and production tool.


Smart Maps are a game-changer for musicians, providing an intuitive interface that simplifies the integration of Studiologic keyboards into Camelot. These maps ensure that users can harness the full potential of their instruments with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a studio producer, Smart Maps enhance workflow and unlock a world of creative possibilities.


This partnership is a harmonious blend of Studiologic’s keyboard expertise and Audio Modeling’s digital instrument mastery. Together, they are dedicated to inspiring musicians, enhancing creativity, and providing musicians with the tools they need to create unforgettable music.

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