Audio Modeling and Roland Join Forces


Audio Modeling and Roland Join Forces

Audio Modeling and Roland Join Forces 1024 576 Audio Modeling

For decades, Roland has been at the forefront of music technology. Their contributions to the world of synthesizers, electronic drums, and digital music instruments are nothing short of legendary. Roland’s commitment to creating instruments that empower musicians has made them a trusted name in the industry.

The Perfect Synergy: Roland and Audio Modeling

The collaboration between Roland and Audio Modeling is more than just a partnership; it’s a celebration of innovation and creativity. At the heart of this synergy are Camelot’s Smart Maps, a feature that has transformed the way musicians interact with their instruments.

Smart Maps are indispensable for users of Audio Modeling’s Camelot, a powerful live performance and production tool. These maps provide an intuitive interface that seamlessly integrates Roland instruments into Camelot, allowing musicians to unlock the full potential of their gear. This integration simplifies complex tasks, streamlines workflow, and enhances the overall music-making experience.

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